17 thoughts on “Greetings From Norwich

  1. Digs

    Some people say gay to mean happy. I don’t think they realise….

    Some people say fag to describe a cigarette. I don’t think they realise…,,

    Some people say deadly to describe something great and not a poisonous serpent. I don’t think they know yet….

    There’s also a place in ireland called Muff. They do realise, they don’t really see the big deal.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    They pronounce Magdalen as ‘Maudlin’ in the southern regions of Blighty.
    Our particular brand of laundry could certainly be termed either.

      1. Neilo

        Hell of a tune – not a great fan of ‘Margaret On The Guillotine’ for obvious reasons – and that LP was pretty strong.

          1. Caroline

            Just looked that up and it’s true! I love Morrissey but he’s gone too far this time. How could you do that to Vini, it’s like kicking the face off a puppy.

  3. rory

    In Listowel there’s a cafe/lunchroom called ‘The Grape and Grain’.
    This name was emblazoned over the door in fancy lettering.
    Unfortunately the ‘A’s in said lettering looked more like ‘O’s. Which gave the impression of a different type of business altogether.
    They had it that way for years. Only changed the letter A recently.

    1. Bingo

      You’re a liar.
      There’s nothing fancy in Listowel!

      Some town, must have the highest ‘pub per person’ rate in the country.
      Love to see stats for that!

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