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A letter to Cynthia Owen, explaining why the Independent Panel Review has recommended that no further action be taken in regards to her case

You may recall a recent post about Cynthia Owen.

It followed her using Facebook to name the people she said were among a paedophile ring operating in Dalkey, Co. Dublin, that abused her in the 1970s.

In the post, Cynthia explained that, after the Independent Panel Review recommended no further action be taken in respect of her case, she wrote to every member of the Dáil – asking them that, should they be elected, if they would ensure she gets a full inquiry into her case.

Cynthia writes…

I received acknowledgements from the Taoiseach Enda Kenny, the Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald, Lucinda Creighton, Michael Noonan, James Reilly, and Gerry Adams and Mary Mitchell O’Connor. But from previous experience an acknowledgement does not mean that you will ever hear from them again. I often receive acknowledgements from the Taoiseach and Ms Fitzgerald and Gerry Adams, then they never contact me again.

I received a reply from Willie O’Dea and Joe Higgins to inform me they have written to Frances Fitzgerald, about the matter. Joe Higgins informed me that Ruth Coppinger will be asking the Taoiseach about my case on Thursday in the Dáil and that he would send me the question and answer when he receives it.

Pádraig Mac Lochlainn replied and actually provided me with two appointments to come to Leinster House to discuss the matter with him. This is the first time since 1996 I have ever been invited by any TD to meet with them at Leinster House. I replied and explained that I live in the UK, but I sent further information to help Padraig understand my case and decide how he can help me.

Richard Boyd Barrett, Clare Daly and Mick Wallace are already supporting me and bring my case up regularly in the Dáil. They have been outstanding in their support. Niall Collins has previously pledged his support but he has not answered my email or been in touch since the Minister turned my case down for an inquiry. However I do note that Niall is calling for a more comprehensive and independent review of the cases.

Joan Collins responded and said she has brought up my case before and will do so again.

I am astounded at the way myself and all the panel review victims have been treated, and cannot believe that no one in Fine Gael will stand up and do what is necessary. I feel particularly betrayed by Fine Gael, in that Enda Kenny was corresponding with me before he became Taoiseach, and that Alan Shatter was my lawyer for four years before he became Minister for Justice.

Both these men have extensive knowledge about my case, and yet sit by a review done by Patrick Gageby which, in my opinion was seriously flawed and was made up of information given to him by a Garda who was friends with the men who abused me and with my father.

This nightmare just gets worse and worse for me with each passing year, I cannot believe I am now in my 23rd year of fighting the Irish authorities for justice for Noleen.

I really thought that with Frances Fitzgerald would act to end the torture and suffering I go through, day in day out, instead she just joined the long queue of other politicians in Ireland that are too frightened to do what needs to be done in this case.

She should hang her head in shame and should resign – not just for the way she treated me and my daughter but for the way she treated all of the victims who so heavily relied on her to end their nightmare and the injustices they suffered.

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23 thoughts on “Supporting Cynthia

  1. Joe cool

    A cover up of the highest order. This case will blow the establishment wide open, they don’t want this. Fair play to Broadsheet, you’re the only ones supporting this lady. Utterly disgusting and despicable how this remains covered up

  2. Peter Dempsey

    You have to do quite a bit of digging to uncover the names of those suspects. I recognise some of them from my youth when I used to hang around Dalkey. Well done for highlighting this; hope the outcome is good.

    1. Liam Deliverance

      You are right Peter, it does take a bit of digging, but as I dug I couldn’t help but notice the comments, from local people unconnected to the case, derogatory comments relating to the charachter of those named. Most people were not that surprised, it tells you something I believe.

  3. poppy

    ….and to think Frances Fitzgerald was a social worker makes Cynthias case all the more disgraceful. Cynthia’s letter from justice department could have been written by Donald Duck. Off with his head!!.

  4. Liam Deliverance

    I expected more from the Minister of Justice and I think that she should resign in light of this story, and other stories. I would have thought that the the Minister of Justice, one of the highest offices in the land, could make up her own mind on these cases, or at least some of them. Who were the members of this panel, the 2 Senior and 5 junior counsel members and can they answer personally for their decisions in this Independent Review Mechanism. How much did they pocket for their work in this matter? Somehow they were able to investigate 320 cases in a year and a half and as far as I can see they decided not to investigate further any off them. Thats 320 cases where GARDA MISCONDUCT was the issue. Doesn’t sound right to me. Doesn’t inspire any confidence in An Garda Siochana either.

    While they were investigating the church and paedophile priests it didn’t seem to matter how old the cases were. In this case Mr Gageby SC said that over 15 years was too long to get precise and reliable testimony but in their investigations of the church, Ryan Report and Murphy Report,they were happy to go back almost 40 years to 1975, more or less the same time frame here with Cynthia’s case.The main difference in this case is that members of An Garda Siochana are implicated, deeply implicated, so presumably that requires the rule book to be rewritten to suit. The Gardai, just like the priests, allowed the power to go to their heads and the corruption, criminality and cover ups soon followed. The bankers did the same with their power and that is why we live in this dirty rotten kip of a country. Doesn’t matter who wins the next GE, we are doomed to many more decades of trying to catch up with the corruption of previous decades unless we as a people take a stand and demand justice, demand transparency, demand political reform.

    Petition is only short 500 odd signatures out of 5000 to ask Min of Justice to ignore the panel recommendations and meet with Cynthia and her solicitor. The very least the poor women deserves. It takes 30 seconds.

  5. Fergus the magic postman

    I hope sometime in the near future Cynthia can find justice. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will be under this government without some serious pressure from somewhere(which should not be required).
    Not for the first time, or even the second time, there is the stench of a person/persons being protected by those currently in power, and also those who are supposed to protect & serve the people.

  6. Anne

    What a pile of horsepoo.
    What’s this mean –
    “Finally, the minister has asked me to inform you, that she has asked counsel, in addition to making recommendations in individual cases, to produce a general overview of the issues and trends identified as a result of the review of all cases referred to them. ”

    Trend – Corrupt to bits Gardai.
    Issue -State sanctioned pedo protection, in this individual case.

    There you go, saved ten million in fees.
    Frances Fitzgerald is a joke.

    As for Niall Collins, forget about him. He’s another joker.

  7. Lilly

    Cynthia, if you’re reading this, what explanation did Alan Shatter give for refusing to pursue justice for you once he became Minister?

      1. Bobby

        Yeah, I’d assume it’s that. They’ll promise to tear the country apart to get elected, but enforce the status quo if they get in.

    1. 15 cents

      she answered this comment but not directly, her response is down the page further, but she said “Shatter said he was standing by the Gageby Review” and gave a link

  8. poppy

    Shatter when Minister had the neck to refer victims to his barrister group . No wonder he sacked…too f’n busy keeping tabs on his worldwide 30 odd properties. Justice at least got rid of him and close the door out your way out Mr S.

  9. frank

    Truly, God will give each and every one their just reward for what they have not done and for what they continue to refuse to do in your case.
    1 Corinthians 2.6 The rulers of this age are doomed to perish
    Perhaps of no ease to you Cynthia if you don’t yet believe, but that is all that will happen.

  10. Cynthia Owen

    Thank you for your comments, please visit my facebook page Sindy Theresa Murphy, thats my childhood name, or visit my blog

    Shatter said he was standing by the Gageby Review, of which you can read about here

    sparkilicious I have told Padraig Machlachloinn I will meet him on my next visit to Ireland, given that I would travel over to Ireland to meet with Shatter for four years, then he did nothing for me and turned his back on me, I am a bit reluctant now to rush over to meet with any TD who offers a meeting, it kinda puts you off. However on my next trip over I will meet with him, Cynthia Owen

    1. meadowlark

      I sent the links for these two stories to everyone I know and asked them to forward them to everyone they know. Don’t ever give up, you brave, brave lady.

  11. Lilly

    Reading this is so frustrating, how can it be let slide by so many, what am I missing? Could Prime Time not address it, and door stop Michael McDoughall for a rational explanation if there is one. How about a complaint to the Law Society about Alan Shatter. How can he purport to represent Cynthia Owen for four years then bat her off with a ‘standing by Gageby review’ one liner. At the very least, he owed it to her to sit down and explain what had changed his mind and convinced him that prosecution was not feasible.

  12. Ming

    The real reason for the reluctance to ‘go there’ is the Satanic connection…

    If you pull at the thread of this incident I suspect you’ll unmask a large
    underground, interconnected Satanic network that those in power know
    about but are scared shitless to provoke…

    See the book Disappeared off the Face of the Earth by Mr. Cairns.

    1. Lilly

      Sounds like a load of woo woo. So that’s where Graham Dwyer went wrong; he neglected to join the union, er Satanic network, before going about his stabbing and ended up in the slammer. I don’t think so.

      Are Claire Daly and Mick Wallace cursed now so?

      1. Lilly

        And if that’s the real reason, Ming, how was it possible for Fiona Doyle to get justice? Wasn’t her father part of the same paedo ring.

  13. Cynthia Owen

    No Fiona Doyles father wasnt part of the same ring, I was satanically abused in ~Dalkey, that has been well documented and even covered in the News of the World in the 70’s, by locals trying to stop it happening, its not about that though, its simply because 3 police officers abused me and could be my daughters father, thats why there was a cover up.

    1. Lilly

      Ok, so it should be straightforward: exhume your deceased daughter and run DNA tests on the three accused men. On what grounds could anyone object to such a request? The Satanic aspect of the abuse is a red herring and I find it irresponsible of Ming to invoke it as a reason for inactivity. Talk about drumming up fear and paranoia. This will be high on my list of queries should any politician darken my door in the coming months.

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