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  1. Marian

    Latest HSE cover up quite shocking. Nothing will be done, because abuse fatigue set in to this country many years ago.

    And so it appears that New Ireland is at least an order of magnitude worse than anything a handful of depraved priests and religious (and their partners/enablers/co-conspirators from so-called civil society) got away with over many decades.

    Here we are in the 21st century (having been gloriously liberated since around the time Mary Robinson was taking the train down from Belfast) and we have unmarried families the majority, the oldest mothers in Europe, 6,000 odd babies ending up in buckets a year, drug epidemics in every city, rampant alcoholism, suicide, depression, State cover-up of abuse of children and vulnerable adults, direct provision centres, abusers getting off scot free in our courts, young offender units that are breeding grounds for violence and sexual abuse cess pits.

    Right-on anti-Catholicism is all very fine when it’s fashionable, all very fine when you get to tut-tut about moral superiority at N11 dinner parties. But sooner or later you come to realise that the snakeoil suburban Utopianists with their lies and “theories” on New Ireland (popular with Irish Times buyers) are now entering into retirement and occupy themselves with gardening, media consumption and flicking through mail order catalogues. Meanwhile the barren social programmes that they oversaw are crumbling away slowly but surely. Their only usefulness now is in serving the interests of those permanent public payroll recipients charged with overseeing the roll-out of flawed ideology rooted in quicksand.

    The Archbishop of Dublin may not be perfect (I certainly amn’t) but I think he can look himself in the mirror every morning and say that he practises what he says (with a lot more emphasis on the doing than the uttering). The church, at least, has learned from the abuse scandals, quietly steps up to the plate on homelessness, is addressing social/societal issues (such as healthcare and education) that government shy away from/won’t take responsibility for, is not afraid to speak out about the dangers of homosexualist culture (both to individuals and to society), has made available a number of services to immigrants and vulnerable families and every diocese in the country is basically performing the government’s obligation to look after asylum seekers. A little acknowledgement of this work in the D4 media from time to time wouldn’t go astray, but I think the church are long gone beyond caring what the D4 columnists are saying not just because they betrayed them, but also because they’re an increasing irrelevance and desperately attempt to latch on to a bit of the church’s work so they can get a “good story” (preferably with a good dose of quirky pomp and ceremony) so they can push more advertising on their aging and dwindling readership.

    1. Shayna

      Marian – it’s not THAT bad – remember, “The Rare Ould Times” ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTYkbyL4Yxk

    2. Clampers Outside!

      “abuse fatigue”
      “N11 dinner parties”
      “6,000 odd babies ending up in buckets”
      “the snakeoil suburban Utopianists”
      I’ll have to do a bit googlin’ to figure out these tings…

      “The church, at least, has learned from the abuse scandals, quietly steps up to the plate on homelessness, is addressing social/societal issues” I did splutter at this, as it’s easy to learn when all the coffers have been tucked away, and the deals with the kids to keep their mouths shut. …..”steps up”…. give over. Begging for respect, as they should. Martin’s working hard within a corrupt religious institution, one that completely lost it’s way and went into self preservation mode, that, that institution, that is the RCC, and it won’t get respect, not from me anyway :)

      1. inPisces

        I liked Dead Babies first album ” I, Uterus” but “6,000 Buckets” was a little too hardcore for my refined sensibility

    3. L

      I like the cut of some of your jib. It’s easy to have a bogeyman and ignore inertia of what is going on around us. Hearing a young student with an Athlone accent on TV last week talk about her experience in direct provision for pretty much her whole life was very, very sad. This is really the best we can do? Building an actual purgatory. With our concentrated national outrage managing to land on fupping water charges? Spare me.

    4. Lilly

      Have you had a sex change Marian, eh ABM? Your views are your Adam’s apple, not easily disguised.

    5. Malta

      Marian, just to be clear, are you saying that if we are became good Catholics again, all the countries old would be cured?

  2. Shayna

    I was in Dublin for the Telecom Eireann/EirCom Share sell-off Press confererence at the Burlington… I should’ve seen it was the beginning of the end – everyone had too much. It only works when a few have too much and the rest have little.

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