Losing Your Home?



Settle down now.

Claire (not her real name) discusses how the Phoenix Project helped save her (and her dog’s) home.

Richard Brophy writes;

I am working on behalf of the Phoenix Project, a charity that helps people in debt deal with banks and avoid repossession of their homes.They are an independent charity and are not funded or linked to banks or other financial institutions.

The Phoenix Project provides all of its services for free. It does not receive State funding and relies on private, charitable donations.

According to official Central Bank statistics, there could be up to 49,000 home repossessions in the coming years

Broadsheet readers can make a €4 euro donation by texting ‘Savehomes’ to 50300 or by logging onto our site (link below). Thank you

Phoenix Project

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13 thoughts on “Losing Your Home?

  1. Mayor Quimby

    There needs to be more repossessions in this country. Renters who want to buy are losing out because of this fetishisation of property.

    Why no thought for those renters?

    Sympathy is always for the hard luck stories not the prudent

    1. Nessy

      Those renters are now being forced out of the rental market by inflated prices due to the number of people renting increasing; and a huge decrease in and obliteration of social and affordable housing by this government.

      Spare a thought for those renters who will forever be paying inflated rents (should they afford them) to vulture style private landlords and private consortium who are taking over the property market.

      €1500 – €1700 for a 1 bed shoebox in Dublin’s fair city… Great little country to do business in

          1. Nigel

            Which is to say, they presumably become part of the renting community or the homeless, both of which are going to increase pressure on the rental market, while their houses are going to be sold for some ridiculous price which will necessitate high rents if it’s put in the market. The deep structural problems in the housing situation don’t really lie with the repossession problem, though it is a problem.

  2. Joseph Schumpeter

    Person gets mortgage
    Person cannot afford mortgage
    Person leaves house
    Bank sells house
    More houses on sale > prices go down
    Prices go down > more people can afford houses

    Current situation

    Person gets mortgage
    Person cannot afford mortgage
    Person stays in house
    Bank forbearance -> more bad debts paid by banks (i.e. taxpayers)
    Fewer houses for sale -> price goes up
    Houses are more unaffordable
    More people forced into crap accomodation

    We need to tear the plaster off quickly.

    1. Nate Dogg

      Amazing how few people grasp that. Between the vested interests and the professional whingers truth is hard to get out

  3. b

    the Phoenix project are doing a great job. they should get more coverage in the press rather than Karl deter (a mortgage broker) and David Hall who are constantly trotted out.

  4. Toni The Exotic Dancer

    There is flip all repo’s in Ireland, despite what the media would have you believe. Banks would like to repo but they can’t. The lack of repo’s forces bank losses onto the rest of us in the form of higher interest rates & scares foreign competition entering the market. If you take out a loan, either pay it back, or move to a house you can afford.

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