21 thoughts on “De Sunday Papers

      1. cluster

        It doesn’t end. Humans will always be human.

        This is why we need to stop tolerating the rule-breakers.

        And also why we need proper resources put into combating white-collar crime.

    1. Frilly Keane

      It doesn’t Clamp

      Greed is like pain
      It doesn’t just stop
      It doesn’t tire or wear itself out

      Abolish the source
      Or monitor/ manage it

      In today’s one
      The Auditors
      The Banks those cheques were drawn from
      The staff signing off Bank Recs
      Should have been on this years ago

      CAB should have already taken over and siezed all its assets.
      Have Revenue sent their Sherriff in?
      Dept of Environment?
      What about the Bank partners in these Mortgage to Rent schemes?

      All big budgets big staffed and powerful agencies there lads.
      And not one ounce of accountability


  1. Shayna

    I notice there are two stories in two newspapers about the same subject – drugs. One is a “celebrity” who professes his shame for imbibing, the other is an “ex” terror gang mobster type who fears for his life because he sold drugs. Therein lies the Yin and Yang of drug culture. *She sips on her Sauvignon Blanc and drags on her Mary J*

    1. Clampers Outside!

      A girl’s thigh…
      a “sniffing” video…
      sounds like an underwear fetish…
      * paces back and forth, stroking…. chin… *
      but the ‘powder’?
      the damn powder!

      Tune in next week, same web time, same web channel!

  2. Charger Salmons

    Good to see how little coverage there was of the ridiculous water rates protests that get ever more feeble as the months go on.
    I and most of the people I know have been paying them from the beginning.
    Yet all my local anti-water campaigners who say they can’t afford them seem to be the ones we see each day outside the pubs having a crafty fag before heading back in for another midweek,midday drink.
    Perhaps if they got off their lazy backsides and got a job – like most of the East European residents in our town – they’d be more willing to do what the residents of every other country in the civilised world does and pay for the deliver of clean drinking water and the removal of their bodily waste via something other than a bucket.
    Eventually,like ANTI-AUSTERITY ALLIANCE TD Paul Murphy,they’ll see the light.After urging everyone not to pay their property taxes he quietly paid his plus interest in order to sell his house.What a two-faced dick.

    1. Zuppy International


      No coverage because the boycott is working and the dicks that run the state cannot admit they are wrong.

    2. Charley

      Has Enda promised you a free Unicorn, last night he stopped just short of free Unicorns for everyone so you must be one of the chosen few.

        1. panga

          Irish Water will not, because they cannot….prove any of their statistics
          it’s a common belief that it is already sold and just needs signing on the dotted line. This Traitorous Government completely underestimated the anger of people
          Water had been paid for in taxes by 5% added to Motor Tax and 2% to VAT in 1997…
          What I want to know is where has the €1.2 to €1.5 billion raised per annum been spent? where is it ‘resting’, because clearly it hasn’t been spent on investing or maintenance of the infrastructure

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