19 thoughts on “Nightmare Fuel

    1. Starina

      woah woah woah. It’s not our fault you’re a freak, Tish. Or are you a clown?!

      My grandparents used to own a couple of those horrific paintings of sad clowns, my mam and I were so relieved that we couldn’t find them after my grandparents died. Hopefully they sold them and they’re not hiding in an attic somewhere, waiting to attack.

  1. John

    Many people don’t know that traditionally most circus clowns entered the profession after sustaining injuries doing other acts esp. trapeze. This is why so many are grotesque in physical form. I have met many clowns in my time all of whom were very introverted even somewhat depressed especially since social media so frequently marks them as something from a Stephen King novel. Be nice – they are just trying to cheer you up.

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