20 thoughts on “Swinging In The Years

  1. Rowsdower

    Why must RTE continue to drag one rubbish joke from a bad TV show into its own series, did they learn nothing from Damo and Ivor?

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I know, it’s pathetic at this stage. There is a viewership out there that wants to be educated, enlightened, fascinated….yet they toss out either this crap or import american canned-laughter crap.

    2. Rich Uncle Skeleton

      I don’t think they learned a thing from Damo and Ivor. They had a call for comedy scripts last year and I remember the brief saying something like: We’re looking to build on the success of shows like Republic of Telly and Damo and Ivor…

  2. Alex Lyons

    its civil service logic: theyre two of our “comedy” people so lets put them in everything even though they get less and less popular

    anyone remember the pilot for a dating show Bernard hosted where you picked a date based on photos of them as children? cant imagine why that never took off

  3. Quint

    I rather poor sulphuric acid in my eyes than watch anything featuring the fame-hungry yet talentless Jennifer ‘Zamperelli’. Best salesperson in Europe you know!

  4. Kieran NYC

    “This video contains content from RTE. It is not available in your country”

    Way to get with the 21st century there, lads. Morons.

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