Broadsheet Trailer Park: Green Room


Green Room

What you may need to know:

1. After witnessing a gruesome murder, a young punk band are held hostage by a group of white supremacists.

2. Green Room is the third feature from Jeremy Saulnier, writer/director of the superb Blue Ruin (2014).

3. His next project is Red Wine: The UB40 Story.

4. This premiered at Cannes in 2015. It went down well.

5. Trekkies rejoice! Witness Picard from Star Trek trying to kill Chekov from the other Star Trek.

6. Broadsheet prognosis: Hello Nazi.

Release Date: May 13.

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3 thoughts on “Broadsheet Trailer Park: Green Room

  1. Mikeyfex

    Macon Blair’s quickly failing into the William H Macey or Paul Giamatti type category. That’s a compliment.

  2. Carlos Strange

    So he did Blue Ruin, just finished Green Room, and his next is Red Wine. I’m guessing a film with “Yellow” in the title is next?

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