25 thoughts on “Rapid Return

  1. Seth

    Too late, too late will be the cry when the man with the VHS tape has passed you by. 

    Be kind, rewind.

  2. Nice Anne (Dammit)

    It was YOU! You put them out of business.
    Stay away from Blockbusters before it is too late …. ooohh

  3. DaithiG

    I liked that movie when it came out, but I watched it recently and for some reason all the characters annoyed the crap out of me and I didn’t like it at all.
    Snatch was a much better movie afaic.
    I would say that Sting should stick to the music, but I don’t rate him at that either.

    1. Continuity Jay-Z

      too many of Richie’s characters were over-tuned. All had a short watchability half-life.

      1. Kieran NYC

        His Sherlock movies already don’t age well

        (Not that they were even much great shakes to begin with)

    1. Cian

      Yeah, the rental copies cost that much – they don’t the huge “cannot be rented” warnings written on the back like consumer DVDs do to this day.

  4. bertie blenkinsop

    I couldn’t watch it.
    I hated Vinnie Jones and the Wimbledon ’88 cup final team and always will.

  5. Shane

    End of an era, quite sad really I loved the ritual of going to the video club ever since I was a kid….
    Oh well

    1. Kieran NYC

      Was listening to the radio earlier, and one of the presenters recommended listeners rented a particular movie (semi-obscure). Then they realized – how? If it’s not on poxy Neflix, you’re screwed.

      We’ll miss Xtravision yet.

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