25 thoughts on “Free To Eir

  1. francis almond

    In the airport in November (coming or going impossible to tell) and off again to Paris in early February. You’ve done well for yourself Sean. However you seem anxious, troubled. let it go Sean. Enjoy your success. Stop standing by the payphones with your troubled anxious face.

  2. Robert

    Unless they are using WPA2 Enterprise where SSIDs are centrally administered this would mean having to send out a technician to update every single one, which would be expensive and time consuming. Changing branding inserts not so expensive. Another possibility is they simply don’t want to break users wireless configs though I’d be surprised if they were so caring. At the end of the day though it could just be “out of sight out of mind” but in any case they’ll probably do have a migration strategy in place though so I’m sure it won’t be bothering you in due course.

    1. ReproBertie

      There’s also an update required to the eircom wifi app which hunts for eircom wifi and connects automatically (for eir/com customers). That would probably need to come first to search for eir and eircom and then they can start the long drawn out process of renaming all the payphone wifis.

      I can’t imagine it’s very high on the priority list.

  3. Sadface

    “And when Sean looked down upon the non-rebranded SSID’s he wept,for there were no more things other than those to complain about…”

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