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Sinéad writes:

“I left my phone – a black Sony Z3 (like the one pictured above) – in a taxi on Thursday evening. I got the taxi from Donnybrook to Harcourt Street in Dublin and realised I didn’t have it five minutes after I got out of the taxi, and immediately began ringing it. It’s still ringing so it must have been charged as its battery should have died by now. I have been able to track it to its approximate location but I’m at a loss as to what to do. Other readers must have had this issue – seems a waste to cancel and replace as it’s somewhere!!”


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24 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. Clampers Outside!

    Got to the area where the phone is.
    Look for a car with taxi plate. Then knock on house doors asking who owns the taxi. When you get to the taxi owner, tell them your phone is in the car.
    Have another mobile device to hand to show the taxi driver the screen showing the location.

    Worked for me once

        1. scottser

          i doubt these two are the first to have to take a wet wipe to the keyboard on here, if you catch my drift.

  2. Anne

    If you think someone has charged it up and they’re not answering you, there’s a good chance they’re using it to make some calls. Report the loss/theft to your mobile phone company, so they can cancel the service, so you don’t get stuck for a big bill.

    Other than that, if you know the approximate location, you could walk up and down the street all day looking for it.. :)

  3. Sinéad

    It’s all a bit weird, the person can’t be using it as it locked by a 8 digit code. But yes it has been charged.
    Going to try head to the general area, but don’t understand why they just won’t answer the phone!
    Have asked the Gardai to look into, awaiting a response still.

  4. _d_a_n_

    Sma ething happened to me, I tracjked my phone, went to Pearse street Garda station, they went and got it back. Rang me a couple of hours later to pick up at station. They were extremely helpful.

  5. scottser

    i suggest leaving your phone to whatever poor unfortunate picked it up and buy yourself a decent one.
    glad to help :)

  6. The Bird in the Box

    I find the accuracy of the find my phone features fairly dubious. For example, my phone regularly thinks it is sitting in my neighbour’s living room. Doesn’t sound like too big a deal, until the police knock on the door and look for a phone that isn’t there.

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