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    1. Cian

      Interestingly, I’ve read more than one piece in the UK papers, praising the Irish for actually putting some bankers on trial…

      1. 15 cents

        weird. but is all that did happen was they were put on trial. no further punishment. so is all it did was cost money, and take a bit of their time. so for everything theyve done, theyre just put out slightly by going to an inquiry .. not even a trial actually. anyway, theyve gotten away scott free. so i dunno why praise is being given for that, maybe coz even less happened to their bankers. im glad Drumm did a bit of time in the clink. its some small retribution. he’d get nothing like that here.

  1. poppy

    I think RTE should give account who gave them a recording of David Drumm talking to another banker on crisis and the infamous line “pluck billon out of his arse…..” ( that caused anger in ireland). Was this conversation released solely to damage Mr Drumm? It sure did the trick.!!!!!!!! Could it damage a fair trial? Id argue yes. He may have diverted 10 millon into his wife a/c but where is other 85 BILLON??? He’ll walk but should talk!!!

  2. DubLoony

    I think he doesn’t like being in US jails and realises that they are not going to let him out on bail over there.
    Or he’s really broke and can’t afford the lawyers.

    1. 15 cents

      they dont put up with his nonsense over there. he’d never do time like that here. while in prison over there, he complained to the judge that it was ‘uncomfortable’ and demanded to be released. they told him it wasnt meant to be comfortable and left him where he was. over here he probably wouldve been released, and then sued the prison system. successfully.

  3. ahjayzis

    I hope they string out the extradition hearings for as long as possible. Drumm on remand for this will be the only banker to spend any time behind bars. He’ll be in and out of Ireland in six months when he gets back.

  4. Tish Mahorey

    Lots of nervous people in Ireland.

    Little will happen to him here if he’s threatening to spill the beans on all the connected monied lads.

    It’s Ireland FFS.

    1. 15 cents

      he could spill the beans .. and nothing will happen to him .. and nothing will happen to the connected monied lads either .. once you’re over a certain pay bracket in ireland you’ll never do time unless its murder. and youll have to be literally caught red handed.

    2. Nice Jung Man

      There’s really probably not much to spill the beans on

      some silly loan decisions were made until it all got out of control

      nobody died

      that’s it

  5. Anne

    I kinda had to agree with Fintan O’Toole’s analysis of him being jailed on bail in the U.S.

    He wasn’t convicted of anything, but was refused bail and put in a maximum security prison.
    I really don’t have much sympathy for him, but it really just seemed like a way to force him back here.
    Why they want him is anyone’s guess. He’d hardly be jailed here.

    1. Lilly

      I don’t agree with Fintan O’Toole. When you flee to another jurisdiction, you abide by their laws. He may have been granted bail here but in the US, he was treated no differently than anyone who comes before the courts on similar charges. Suck it up Drumm or come back and face the music. And as others have pointed out, the music will be mere diddly aye.

      1. Anne

        “but in the US, he was treated no differently than anyone who comes before the courts on similar charges.”

        I believe he was treated very differently in the U.S.
        You see people indicted for murder out on bail over there.

        To give you an example, Bernie Madoff, who defrauded thousands of investors to the tune of about 20 billion (that’s billion, not million) was granted bail.

        Another slight difference also.. Drumm has not been charged with anything.

        1. Anne

          That’s in relation to where you say ‘similar charges’.
          He’s not been charged with so much as stealing a loaf of bread.

          1. Lilly

            Ok let’s rephrase: he’s being treated no differently than anyone else who’s the subject of extradition proceedings.

          2. Anne

            I’m not sure what you’re basing that on.. Any examples Lilly?

            From what I’ve read it’s very unusual to refuse bail in a case like his one.

            Like I said I’ve no sympathy for him really, but I don’t think he’s been treated in a similar manner to other cases like his.

          3. Lilly

            No solid evidence Anne so you could be right. View based on conversation I had with someone who lives in NY – so purely anecdotal.

        2. Anne

          Oh right.. that’s probably all the jail time he’ll do anyways, but just found it odd for him to be refused bail, when he hadn’t even been charged with anything. I think it’s to force him back here. Lucky us.

  6. Frilly Keane


    I bet ye a SuperMacs snack box he’s coming back cause the Bankruptcy term is gone to 12 months

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