20 thoughts on “Cereal Offender

  1. Kolmo

    Spar means to ‘save’ in German – with this you are nicht Sparen. That for uns ist hilarious. Hilarious like a delayed bus due to a unscheduled malfunction.

    1. stephen

      The name was originally DE SPAR, an acronym of the Dutch phrase Door Eendrachtig Samenwerken Profiteren Allen Regelmatig[note 1] (English: through united co-operation everyone regularly profits)

      1. scottser

        well, they do have wine for lunch sure tis no wonder they’re all doing le jiggy in the afternoon.

  2. A Taxpayer

    Welcome to the big smoke Graeme, we have convenience stores here. For the uninitiated that means they charge a premium for convenience. Also, you may see chewing gum stuck to the streets, this is not free candy!

  3. Condescending Nana

    I just can’t imagine anyone over the age of 7 eating these. It’s also a known gateway to heroin in D1.

  4. medieval knievel

    ‘product cheaper in shop that has it on sale’ shocker. i wait for updates on more products with bated breath.

  5. Kieran NYC

    Who eats that poo for breakfast?! Or lets their children eat it?

    No wonder Ireland has an obesity problem.

  6. munkifisht

    Is this some kind of meta joke about the stupidity of BS’s continuing coverage of

    “These are expensive but the one’s over there are far away”

    So… Just to summaries

    Different shops have different prices.

    different bars have different prices.

    If you shop in a big chain type store you’re typically going to get things at a better price than what you will in most corner shops….

    If you look for what are called “OFFERS” (that’s what that’s called when they write “WOW!” above a price, that’s usually called an offer), you’ll probably find that price is lower (yes, lower) than the price you’ll see in most other supermarkets. The concept is called invoice pricing (as loss leading is banned in Ireland).

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