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  1. Mikeyfex

    As a Munster man I know what Williams is talking about and it does my head in. It’s the same as reading the loud mouths on here or anywhere else fighting your side of the argument…you really wish they wouldn’t.

    On the poor coaching point I’d disagree of course – give Ireland a few years in The Rugby Championship under Joe Schmidt and watch the overall standard improve, like it did Argentina – I’m not sure Schmidt has the players to score tries for fun at the moment. Plus, good offence wins games, good defence wins championships – so my guess is he’s concentrated on that and we’ve been fairly successful lately.

    1. Del McG

      If there’s any man who knows about poor coaching, it’s Matt Williams… *cough* Scotland *cough* Ulster *cough*

    2. Medium Sized C

      And the six nations table structure doesn’t encourage tries like the Rugby Championship does.
      You can win the thing scoring less than 5 tries. You won’t win the RC with that.

  2. rugbyfan

    Coop’s rugby analysis comprises of ‘right we’ll take another break and get more opinion on the game after that’.

    god help us if he gets the 6N gig on TVTwee in a few years!

    1. Joe cool

      Any sport on tv3 seems to be fronted by Matt Cooper. The GAA for instance. ..and he was awful at that too

    2. Kieran NYC

      I really enjoy him on The Last Word actually – I think it’s just the TV format he needs to settle into.

  3. phil

    Thing that gets me about cooper , is that he seems to know a lot about corruption in the political/banking/quango sphere and like the rest of us he is upset by it, but these stories rarely make it onto his radio show , but he does write about them in his books. His books sell well, leading me to think that there is a market for this information.

    So why so lite on the radio , there could be a few reasons for that , and the reasons I cant think of have caused me to believe he has no credibility

    1. Del McG

      I for one can’t imagine why someone who works for Today FM is afraid to discuss political corruption in his place of work…

  4. Alex Lyons

    Its greatest case of sour grapes going

    Matt coached Scotland in two 6 nations, they came last and second last winning only one game (overall record 3 wins v Samoa, Italy, Japan, in 17 games). Joe has won back to back 6 nations

    Matt coached Leinster to one league win in 3 years. Joe won a league, 2 European Cups and a European Challenge Cup in 3 years

    When asked about Matt Williams’ coaching ability Stephen Ferris who played under him at Ulster said he was a very nice guy

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