Further Slippage



A new Red C/Paddy Power poll for RTÉ Radio One’s Today with Seán O’Rourke show published this morning.

RTÉ reports:

Today’s Paddy Power/Red C poll surveyed over 1,000 voters and was conducted between 4 February and 8 February, the first few days of the campaign.

The findings show: Fine Gael at 30%, down 1 compared to the last Red C on Sunday. Labour at 8% (-2), Fianna Fáil at 18% (+1), Sinn Féin on 17% (no change), Green Party 2% (no change) and Independents/ Others at 25% (+2).

Poll suggests slip in support for Govt parties (RTÉ)

Pic: RTE

14 thoughts on “Further Slippage

  1. Sam

    It’s misleading how the present the figures here. If they contacted 1000 voters, and 16% of them are undecided, then the figures above don’t represent the sample, just the 840 of them who gave a clear intention.
    If you include the undecided in the calculations then the party support figures drop by almost a sixth.
    FG 25.2%
    Labour 6.72%
    Fianna Fáil15.12%
    Sinn Féin 14.28%
    Independents/Others 21%
    Green 1.68%
    Undecided 16%

    Total 100%

    That makes it clearer for example that the number of undecided voters is higher than the number of Fianna Fáil voters or Sinn Féin voters canvassed. Where as the graphic makes it look like both FG and SF have higher numbers.

    1. Zuppy International

      Polls are programming: try to convince us that (other) people still see the Blueshirts led by Bellenda Kenny, as a viable political option instead of another ship of fools facilitating the (figurative, if not literal) rape of our land, our nation and our people by their Corporate Overlords.

      Then the Corporate Overlords can steal the election to reinstate their bought-and-paid-for fools.

      Is it over yet?

      1. han solo's carbonite dream

        I can’t believe that people would still for Fine Gael over Fianna Fail – have that centre right cohort that used to vote for FF not moved back after 5 years of crap policies.

        I’m not centre right but accept for the moment most are …surely FF are a better option that the blueshirts for them.

        1. han solo's carbonite dream

          i find your comment baseless and idiotic.
          At no stage did I mention any conspiracy , subterfuge or controlling power yet you reference my tinfoil hat.
          I respectfully suggest that you do not understand the meaning of the tin foil hat and therefore your comment is meaningless and stupid. You trotted off a phrase not understanding it’s meaning. FFS !!!

  2. phil

    I was polled in one of them polls , and the questions I thought were a bit obtuse or leading , If I remember correctly one of the questions was something like, ‘ Which one of these parties if elected would be continue to provide stability in Government’.

    I could see how people might just answer FF/LAB/FG while intending to vote elsewhere, I didnt agree that the last government or any before that has ever provided stability .
    One mans stability is another mans chaos …
    The chances of an established party getting a majority , in my mind is Nill..

    The poll does not even consider a world where one of the established parties will not be in power this summer, maybe thats true IMO a bit of a leap for a polling company

    1. Zuppy International

      “The poll does not even consider a world where one of the established parties will not be in power this summer”

      This is how they proscribe the limits of debate before discussion has even begun.

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