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The Green Party’s Roderic O’Gorman, Eamon Ryan and Catherine Martin at the party’s election manifesto launch in Molesworth Gallery, Dublin this morning

Read the manifesto here


17 thoughts on “Green Shoots

  1. Nessy

    Perhaps ensuring that third level fees are abolished permanently – free/more affordable school books would be a better idea?

    1. Owen

      You could be right, but fees for 3rd level would perhaps influence more within the college (wages, faculties etc) and may be harder to remove at this stage.

      I wonder where they intend on getting the 5k per child to start with.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Is that based on the idea that everyone should go to 3rd level / Uni? ….or could it be used on say, training in use of skyscraper cranes / a few years in Letterfrack?

        There’s too much focus on uni as it is.

        1. Harry Molloy

          That’s a good point Clampers, there is. It can be damaging to hold some professions to be many times more superior to another, we should be encouraging the vocational draw to employment/education.

        2. Owen

          Yeah, fair point. The idea of a flexible 5k investment in education makes far more sense. But still… where does the 5k come from.

    2. Anomanomanom

      Shut your face, this is Ireland where logic has no place when it comes to insuring fair affordable schooling for all.

  2. Nigel

    It’s an interesting idea, but a) where’s the money coming from and b) won’t it end up being plundered/devalued the way pensions funds are?

  3. Cian

    At current long-term interest rates that’d give the kid about, oh, 6k. Not really a huge leg up if they do the obvious counter-part of this of hiking fees.

  4. ollie

    Green Party manifesto:
    Housing: Hope that private pension funds invest in social housing
    Give away publicly owned land for social housing
    Replace property tax with a land tax, all that set aside in use as a garden is going to cost Farmers a fortune
    Bring in unconstitutional rent controls
    Change the sequence of traffic lights so the elderly don’t get mowed down at pedestrian crossings, a daily occurrence in Ireland
    Build green stuff
    Fit trucks with beepers to alert cyclists,
    Keep roads in public ownership, or else in private ownership
    Build metro north, or else don’t build metro north
    Better rail station facilities for travellers to include Ford Transit parking, bare knuckle boxing rings and designated zones for dumping rubbish
    Energy. Build green stuff
    Water: Replace water meters with smart meters.
    Flooding. Ah here, we’re not God
    Food and Agriculture. Grow food (no mention of the greenhouse gases caused by cattle, 20% of our total)
    Waste: Hand control of waste management and disposal to private industry
    Education. Make changes. Maintain the grossly unfair 3rd level fee structure as is
    Health. Patient centred care, help sick people. Telephone and Internet services to help patients deal with illness.( Can you shove the web cam up your jacksie Madam?)
    Free heroin for all
    Crime: Commit to funding the recruitment of 2,000 new Gardaí in the lifetime of the
    next Government.( This won’t even replace those who leave, but hey ho)
    Sentencing guidelines for Judges to ignore
    Victim liaison officers to provide tea and sympathy to victims of crime
    Immigration. Implement a free for all
    Minimum wage. Freeze at the current rate
    Seanad reform. Keep all Seanad seats for divvying up between political parties.
    Cease funding of administration of health, education and social welfare from central funds and make Local Authorities raise the money themselves
    Defence: Bring in conscription

    And if that’s not ambitious enough the Greens will:
    Reform of the World Trade Organisation, International Monetary Fund and
    World Bank to make them accountable,

    On a serious note, this has to be the worst document I’ve ever read in terms of concrete discrete changes that can be implemented. Terrible stuff.

  5. pissedasanewt

    How about our teenagers get summer jobs or some evening work and when they reach 21 they get a tax rebate or discount to the value of the rebate on any uni course or apprenticeship they wish to do.. or just give students a slab of cans if you want their vote so badly..

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