A catrogram from Hex My TD

Gerard McCarthy writes:

I thought your readers might be interested in my blog – hexmytd – that I have started in the run-up to the election. It uses a cartogram where there is one hexagon per TD so you can display all the results on one map and densely populated regions don’t get squeezed. There were loads of these in the run-up to the UK general election last year but I haven’t seen them for Ireland.

So far I have the 2011 results up but the aim is to start linking poll results with the maps. And of course the final result.

Hex My TD

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5 thoughts on “Hex Your TD

  1. cian

    Nice idea – but it should be Ireland shaped, you might want to take all the Dublin TDs off to one side and concentrate on the rest of the country in the right shape.
    The ones for the UK elections at least followed the shape of the UK.

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