Last Seen On Valentine’s Day




Julian Brophy writes:

“For anyone around the Donore Avenue area in Dublin 8, our kitty Lester has gone missing and we’d love to find him. Please help by giving this a share! Last seen Sunday, February 14. His route is around Ebenezer Terrace, Brown St. and Harman St. Thank you!”


Thanks Emer

7 thoughts on “Last Seen On Valentine’s Day

  1. meadowlark

    I had a huge fear of my cat going missing when we moved from the schticks to a town. I’m sorry that he’s gone walkabouts, hopefully he’ll show up soon.

  2. Sadface

    Guaranteed he is not 50 yards from your house getting fed and sleeping by a fire,my cat did the same.. Turned out he was tapping off about 4 houses in the estate regularly..

  3. Ooangh

    He’s gorgeous, I hope you find him.
    My cat went missing last year. I knocked & leafleted my estate. We found him after 3 days.
    He was trapped in a neighbours. So don’t give up! He’s so handsome someone may have taken him in.

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