14 thoughts on “A Message From Manger

  1. Sheikh Yabooti

    Almost as good as my local fortune teller’s notice: “closed due to unforeseen circumstances.”
    I’ll get me coat, etc etc.

  2. Meabh

    I think posts like this are really mean and a bit smug – as a person who has struggle with reading and writing as an adult and have made public mistakes like this I really feel there is a laugh at the stupid person attitude here, which is very unfair and very hurtful to someone who struggles with this. So what if it is a little wrong you still get the message and so what if somebody gets an apostrophe in the wrong place, marks for effort no?

  3. Damian

    Well said Meabh, this website is tasteless at times mocking a persons spelling ability. It’s a sad world we live in when someone stops and sees a spelling mistake, takes a picture and sends it on via email to broadsheet and worse again they publish it. Pathetic

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