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Karen Harte and Jessica Maybury, of Girls like Comics, write:

An anthology of stories and art representing the struggle for women’s full reproductive rights in Ireland is calling for submissions. ‘Mine’ will feature art, comics and illustrations with stories on the theme of repealing the 8th Amendment to the Constitution, reproductive rights and bodily autonomy.

The creative project has been developed to support the current campaign to repeal the 8th Amendment.

A Kickstarter campaign will be launched to cover the production costs of the book. All additional proceeds from this and the sale of the book will go directly to the Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC).

We would urge anyone who has a story to tell to get in touch with us – even if you don’t think you can draw, collaborate with a friend and work on something together. We want to build up a collection of voices that show the impact that this barrier to fundamental rights is having on people in Ireland and all over the world.

The requirements for submissions are: 1 to 2 pages of A5 artwork, 300dpi, colour TIFF or PDF.

Deadline: April 13, 2016.

Mine Anthology (Facebook)

Thanks Jessica and Karen

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