17 thoughts on “The Mould Sod

        1. Caroline

          These days it’s just a handful of us wretched souls down in the comment slave galley, typing up “opinions” from “commenters” to the site. I’ve got 200 cranky ballbag snarks to post between now and midnight.

          1. bertie blenkinsop

            Yeah I took an early break so I can watch the Liverpool match later.
            Anyway, where we’re we…
            Oh yeah, here’s a heavily filtered photo of Poolbeg for you….

          2. Caroline

            J├╝rgen Klopp though, he’s some fella. I hate joy and I hope you die of complaining about minor inconveniences.

          3. bertie blenkinsop

            I haven’t loved a Liverpool manager this much since mid 80’s Dalglish.
            I digress.
            Oh look, a robbed bike that looks like Ireland.

          4. Caroline

            And that smile! Typical reaction of the permanently outraged Shinnerbots that exist only to annoy me, a cranky late-middle aged man with a soul like cancer.

  1. human

    Where’s Don and Moyest? They should be on here being shrill about the orange being part of a racist right wing media conspiracy to stop mould getting into the country?

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