23 thoughts on “De Sunday Papers

  1. Joe cool

    Does anyone else feel sorry for lab……Na nonsense to that. As an ex labour party member, I look forward to seeing Joan face next weekend

    1. Markskids

      Was only thinking earlier , have we even seen or heard from Alex White during all this electioneerin? Seems to be in hiding until his coronation next Saturday….. if he survives that is.

        1. Owen


          But I feel the need to link it to Sinn Fein. It must be that with SF focusing on an election there are less need for bomb experts. Has to be it. A fine example of them not supporting the job market.

  2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Is it now an annual event, a referendum deciding the future of the Unwanted Kingdom?

    1. Owen

      Looking that way. Scotland will be up for grabs again in the next year or two id say. I kinda want the UK to leave Europe, and then Scotland to leave the UK. I have no reason for this other then change and a bit of excitement.

      1. Deluded

        How important is the Commonwealth to them? I would suggest that this is where most of their immigration is from anyway.
        If they can maintain trade agreements then they can continue like Norway, Liechtenstein or whatever, but I think that leaving Europe and its regulations will be most damaging for the working class who are being roused to the cause by the redtops.

  3. mauriac

    dab hand at the photo ops Joan.being pulled along in two feet of water in a canoe and now having a small woman hold her umbrella ..

  4. some old queen

    It really says a lot about FG’s performance over the past five years when the electorate are prepared to overlook FF’s recent history instead. Their election bribes were not deliverable and they have been wrong footed on exactly the subject they claim to be most competent in.

    Expect to hear a lot more words like fairness and decency from FF over the next week as that appeals to the Irish psyche much more than a recovery that most working people cannot see. Unless there is a major shock to the system, the question now is not if FF and FG go into power together but who will be the leader of it.

      1. Frilly Keane

        Oh absolutely
        This election needs Phil The Hogan to sort it

        For Once And For All

        Someone out a mic under his snout quick

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