45 thoughts on “The Living Debt

    1. Mikeyfex

      Judging by his picture just smiling over your shoulder at a rainbow while holding the cottoniest dandelion in the land should summon him.

  1. jack johnson

    … he’s an EXPLOSIVES SUPERVISOR … I take it all back, hope you do well in the upcoming election to Daily Eireann !!

  2. Sam

    Some people have trouble with literacy, that’s not a hanging offence.
    If you claim to be able to solve problems, you should at least be able to find someone to proof read before sending something to the printer.

    That’s woeful.

  3. Sam

    “Based in Finglas, Mr O’Connell previously contested the 2014 local elections for the Swords electoral area on Fingal County Council, where he polled 23 first preference votes. “

    1. han solo's carbonite dream

      nah it’s genuine.
      I know the fella and he is a nice man.

      he is an explosive expert which in fairness makes him a cut above the usual rabble of teachers and auctioneers we get.

      1. Bubbles

        His material reads like the half-done homework of an ordinary level second year student. He is looking to be elected as a public representative but he has represented himself very poorly here.
        Somebody needs to sit down with him and offer to proofread all future literature.

      2. shitferbrains

        An ” explosive ” expert or an ” explosives ” expert ? If he’s as careless in his chosen profession as he is with his political hobby I predict a short career.

    2. Caroline

      It’s nothing compared to the two missives this guy has been putting through letterboxes in Dublin Central. Absolutely cuckoo stuff, incoherent family feud, IRA intrigue, ranking of other candidates based on whether Tony Gregory would or would not have voted for them, somehow entirely believable claim of having slept with 3000+ men and women, liberal swearing. Two fold-out booklets of it.


      1. Steve

        Yeah Caroline that stuff is crazy!! Did you read the whole if it?! The stuff about Gary gannon? Sent pics of it to bodger…no post yet. Mad stuff

  4. Jim

    My English skills suck but this is exceptionally bad. First three lines: a independent, there promises.
    This is most likely government conspiracy to scare the electorate out of voting for independents

    1. The Real Jane

      No, it isn’t. However, it is legitimate to question whether literacy is a requirement of the job he’s seeking. Personally, I think it is and he seems to have poor literacy but also no awareness of how poor it is, or of his options to either improve it or ameliorate it.

      I mean, we all have a right laugh at how stupid and inept politicans are, but can you really see this dynamic young shaver managing to do any of the typical work of a TD? Most perform some portion of it to some level – he’s not going to go far on any of the committees, he’s not going to be able to prepare a speech and hasn’t the nous to get help, he’s going to struggle with reports. I think this is relevant.

    2. han solo's carbonite dream

      nobody is slagging his literacy.

      it was foolish to send this out without getting it proof read by somebody else.
      especially given he has issues with spelling and the like and if he lacks the self awareness to know he has issues in that department then perhaps he isn’t TD material.

      His lack of a plan speaks at a weakness but it isn’t literacy,

      I know the guy a little and he is a nice fella but this is silly

  5. jack johnson

    … You are, of course, right but as he’s running for election to a national parliament he really should take more care than put his name to that woefully prepared flier

  6. ReproBertie

    He may have terrible problems with his literacy but after listening to the Healy-Rae’s on the Irish Times Inside Politics podcast I think he’s on the right track. A local independent doing nothing but trying to grab things for their constituency is probably a good thing for a constituency. FG/FF/Lab/SF/SD/Renua/Green TDs don’t really give a toss about local issues as they are busy with the national agenda and the turning up to vote now and again thing and a FG/FF/Lab/SF/SD/Renua/Green backbencher is at motorbike ashtray levels of usefulness. Take the USC for example. All the parties have plans for the USC and after the election they’ll sit down and come up with a new one based on who they’re partnering up with. This fella doesn’t care about the USC. He wants more home care for Fingal. The only impact he could have on USC is by selling his vote to one side or the other and the cost of that vote could be more home care for Fingal so a vote for him is a vote for more Fingal home care while a vote for FG/FF/Lab/SF/SD/Renua/Green is not.

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