Michael Noonan at the Limerick Count Centre last night

Michael Noonan has this morning taken one of the last two seats in Limerick city..

Frilly Keane writes:

A media blackout on Noonan was in place until the call…In the end it was 393 Surplus transfers from Shinner Maurice Quinlivan that actually got him elected (without reaching the quota BTW )

So here’s what I want ta’ know, will Miriam [O’Callaghan] be asking Michael Noonan to say thank you to Sinn Féin?

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Pic Eric Clarke

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36 thoughts on “Scaldy

  1. Sam

    Topped the poll last time out, with 13,291 1st prefs. Brought in a running mate as well, and afforded almost mythical status as some kind of infallible sage about the national finances by local media.

    Quite a drop, but probably his last election, so a seat’s a seat. Noonan will continue to spoof and insult.

    Willie O’Dea was strutting and posing around the place after getting 12,999 votes. The king of parish pump politics in Limerick was posing for photos with small children and their fawning parents last night.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Would love ta’ know why FF didn’t impose a Gender Quota candidate on this ticket

      Maybe Quinlivan’s transfers could’a gone to better use

      1. Frilly Keane

        Once he arrived at the Count Centre there was no footage of him allowed
        A strict blackout was imposed.
        ( source UTV and others )
        Until it was called and he got up off his bottom.

  2. Sam


    There wasn’t much of interest going on with transfers to Noonan. He started out in second place and stayed there until Quinlivan got a huge boost from the elimination of the AAA candidate.

    Attention was more on the close run fight between O’Donnell, Quinlivan, O’Sullivan and Prendiville, and how the race was affected by transfers from the Green Candidate, James Gaffney, and the SocDems Sarah Jane Hennelly.

    When the AAA candidate ran out of votes, he was only 277 behind O’Sullivan, and she was only 24 behind Quinlivan, with O’Donnell only 152 votes ahead of Quinlivan. Noonan at that stage was on 8,591

    When Prendiville was eliminated, almost 50% of his transfers went to Maurice, giving him an extra 3,492 votes and the split of transfers to O’Donnell and O’Sullivan allowed her to shade it past O’Donnell, putting him out of the running.
    and it was 293 not 393 that Noonan got from Quinlivans surplus.

    1. Frilly Keane

      My bad
      Was posting from the phone whilst still in the leaba.

      At least it wasn’t w93 I posted

  3. Formerly known as

    He’s 72 – time to give someone else a crack. I suppose we have to wait 5 years, or 5 months.

  4. Baz

    SF administrate for the Crown in Northern Ireland yet now faced with an opportunity to form a government here they are running scared

    SF the party of hate and criticism are afraid.

    1. :-Joe

      lol…. they refuse to go into government with the establishment parties, how is that running scared or being afraid?


      1. Baz

        SF have no issue administrating for the Crown in Northern Ireland, so they are the Queen of England’s lackeys but fail to honour the votes of the republics electorate

        It’s fear and something worse

        SF the anti patriot, tricolour abusing, frightened fear mongers

        I’m loving it.

        1. Yer Aul Wan's Cooking

          So being a public representative is ‘administrating for the crown’ up there, and ‘honouring the electorate’ down here?

          Bolloxology right there.

          1. Baz

            What riposte! Well done

            Sinn Fein are compliant lackeys for the crown in Northern Ireland, fact.
            Worse than being compliant lackeys for the crown in Northern Ireland Sinn Fein handed budget responsibilities BACK to London so as to was their hands of having to make the cuts that Sinn Fein have implemented for their crown overlords in Northern Ireland

            Sinn Fein if they fail to enter government in The Republic now will have clearly demonstrated themselves to have been nothing more than meddling disrupters, who take votes in the Republic but fail to take responsibility to serve the voters.

            I note how Sinn Fein disrespect the Tricolour at the various count centres, it’s an appropriate visual representation for the disrespect they show this state by cowering from the responsibility to form a government

            Lackeys for the crown in Northern Ireland, cowardly disrupters in the Republic, Sinn Fein are enemies of this Republic.

          2. formerly known as


            Best wait to see what government is possible. SF may not be in the position you are talking about.

  5. Catherine McEntee


    Sinn Fein administrate in the 6 counties, as well they should do.

    Support for SF in the 26 counties is rapidly increasing. By the time of the GE21, their projectionary votes will be beyond anything FG, FF or Labour and their hard-line supporters could have ever envisaged. I might add that this snowballing support is happening DESPITE the country’s propaganda machine that is RTE and numerous newspapers. People have, are and will continue to see through and past these tired, old and wholly predictable tactics, though that will not stop these puppets bending over and being bought and sold for their ongoing braindead compliance.

    Times are changing, deal with it. Onwards and upwards.

    1. Neilo

      They do bugger all in the Six along with their soul brothers in the DUP. As soon as the going got tough with regard to the welfare budget, they couldn’t wait to kick the can back to Whitehall. There’s a significant amount of ‘DeProvofication’ needed before they can be trusted to run a footrace, let alone a polity.

  6. Catherine McEntee


    With respect, it’s imperative that all parties gain/regain the trust and respect of the nation. Parties that caused and did nothing whilst families lost all they had, homes, jobs, businesses.
    They are also responsible for the highest suicide rates in decades – possibly ever here.
    The state the hospitals and waiting lists are in thanks to the current and previous governments is verging on third world standard – the fat cats all beloging to them
    have private health cover of course.

    These same parties have failed to set up an acceptable public bus service so that everyone can travel where ever they need to go without having to go miles/km out of their way by going to Dublin first. This is a very depressing state of affairs, people are trapped in their area/town if they are without a car. No sense of independence is suffocating, our youth cannot be self-reliant as mammy and daddy have to fetch and carry them the whole time. Elderly people also need to be able to take off for days trips, shopping or just a change of scene. The current lack of bus routes contributes to a decline in a persons mental health, no doubt about it. As for the train network………

    So Neilo, all parties need to prove themselves. If we’re going forward we need to start from the ground up.

    When thongs were booming here

    1. Neilo

      That aside, you’re throwing shade around the issue which is that SF has repeatedly spurned finance briefs in the Six and – when the going got a little sweaty – abdicated, with the DUP, their responsibility on the welfare side of things.

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