11 thoughts on “More To Do

  1. joj

    The last one really reminds you we were always a theocracy first, it’ll finally be without reservation a modern country when we shake off the last big 2 ie abortion and education.

    1. Sam

      They’ve got colour printing now… the leaflet that came in my door from the Catholic Democrats candidate (Nora Bennis) with a cross in the logo isn’t much more advanced from that old black and white one.

      1. classter

        ‘Cept in the meantime, it has emerged that large swathes of the British elite had indeed been covering up paedophilia (BBC, MI5, Westminster politicians, Rochdale police, etc.) and the Morris’ suggestion of a witch-hunt was pretty far off the mark

        1. St. John Smythe

          I never understood from the poster if the person pictured was the one going to stop the paedophiles, or if was a paedophile in need of stopping.

        2. rory

          Elite groups covering up paedophilia is not the same as large swathes of paedophiles. I think Morris was addressing that latter image.

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