16 thoughts on “Up To His Old Tricks

  1. Bruce Wee

    Again with this guy….might start a “Tweed Jacket Guy” and try and get continuously posted…Enough of this poo please

    1. Neilo

      I have both a tweed jacket and flat cap but no Serge Pizzorno fright wig. Where’s my mockery-magnet video?

  2. Joan Bruton

    Is he jumping over a shark in this episode ?

    Left me know when he goes drinking in the Aokigahara Forrest, that might be worth watching !

  3. Pinky

    If that ‘green’ was real ‘green’ I would sleep soundly at night and all Irish people would have full bank accounts once again. Like that guy who got on the plane with his girlfriends passport the other day, maybe most people wouldn’t notice if I slipped them some leaves instead…

  4. Sam

    I don’t think we’re his target audience tbh.

    This has to be aimed at yanks who think leprechauns exist and Irish people are tweedly dee happy go lucky chancers who speak with their voice one octave above its natural pitch.

    Or people who find it ‘ironically funny’ – and I’m definitely not in any of the circles of that Venn Diagram.

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