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White BoysStylin’

Here’s what you may need to know.

01. Cork-based lads Gary Keane and Eoin Walsh comprise the synth/funk/R&B duo White Boys, who are getting ready to release their Stylin’ single on April 15th, ahead of an EP release later this year. You can stream it in the widget above.

02. You may remember these boys from the height of the marriage equality referendum: their fantastic arrangement of Michael O’Leary’s derailed attempt at a homophobic rant was one of the campaign’s highlights.

03. They followed this up with a synth-funk version of Hozier‘s Take Me to Church that got them noticed by the wider Irish musical sphere, including headlining the after-party for disco legends Chic alongside Cork hip-hop veteran Stevie G.

04. Formed after meeting on the set of the Late Late Show, the duo aren’t just blogosphere darlings, having shared recording sessions with Earth, Wind, and Fire, as well as having worked with producer G1 and Death Row Records engineer Tommy D. Daugherty. Bootsy Collins, The Rubberbandits and Panti Bliss are also fans.

Verdict: The boys clearly love what they do, which is half the joy of seeing them in action. They can back the antics up with some serious skills, though, both live and as producers. Get adding ’em to your party playlists.

White Boys

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  1. jacabean

    TOTAL Republic of Loose / Mick Pyro rip off. Literally ridiculous. They even robbed they’re font ffs!!

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