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This morning.

The European Parliament published its first results of its post-election Eurobarometer survey.

Asked if “taking everything into account, would you say that Ireland has on balance benefited or not from being a member of the EU?”, 89 per cent of Irish respondents said “yes” – 21 per cent more than the EU average.

The programming really works.


The survey can be read in full here

This afternoon.

Glencree and Powerscourt County Wicklow.

More as we get it.



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From top: the offending article in The Spectator; Ireland’s UK ambassador Adrian O’Neill and his letter to the magazine’s editor

Last night.

A diplomatic response to ‘ cheese-eating surrender monkey’ accusations leveled at Ireland in The Spectator by the suitably-named, Robert Hardman.

To wit:

Hardman said that Ireland was joining a group of “flimsily-connected” countries with “deplorable human rights records” and “French-speaking crooks”, some of whom, he added, appeared “at the bottom of every global corruption index”.

“Only the mean-spirited would suggest that little Leo will do anything to suck up to the top gang in the EU playground…,” he continued.

How odd, then, to see the Irish — usually so quick to take offence at any whiff of imperialism — acting as a cheerleader for French aggrandisement.”

Ireland’s strange decision to join the French commonwealth (Robert Hardman, The Spectator – behind paywall)

Magazine criticised by ambassador for “anti-Irish sentiment” (The Irish World)

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Migrants Rights Centre of Ireland tweetz:

This week, over SIX HUNDRED undocumented people sent these postcards to Ministers Flanagan & Humphreys to remind them that in communities, homes & businesses all over Ireland, undocumented people are doing work that is *essential* to Irish society. #TheOtherUndocumentedIrish


Sam Boal/Rollingnews

Snowbie, who describes themselves as an amateur UK/Ireland weather historian and student, tweetz:

Maximum wind gusts for Storm Gareth in comparison with other storms of the season and the 2010s decade at Irish stations. Colour coded based on the warning system.

Red = In excess of 130kph
Orange/amber = 111 to 130kph
Yellow = 90 to 110kph


Carlow Weather tweetz:

Two planes playing X and O in the Sky 😁 plenty of bright spells over Carlow but cloud increasing from the West as winds start to ease off here.