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Gavin Sheridan, of The Story, writes:

But a website like this [The Story], run entirely on good will by volunteers in their spare time can only last so long. We have therefore decided that rather than shut it down and get on with our lives – we will try and move the needle even further.

But to do so we need your help.

Our proposal is this: start an organisation on a not-for-profit basis, which is both a media outlet and a transparency organisation. We are calling it Right To Know. will continue, but will become the publishing arm of Right To Know. And for the first time since we started doing this work, we will very deliberately be asking you for support – on a membership basis, initially per year.

Clearly, the more members we have the more ambitious we can be – but our objective is to build a self sustaining organisation, without ads, without paywalls, funded entirely by its supporters.

And the mission? To act as a watchdog, an advocate, an investigator, a trainer, and a partner to other NGOs and the media.

Shifting a gear – we need your help

13 thoughts on “The Story On Your Right To Know

  1. Mark My Little Words He'll Be Back in RTE in 12 Months

    Sorry, but didn’t this guy get a ton of money from RUPERT MURDOCH for his share of Storyful?

    As Vincent Browne would say: “this simply isn’t credible”.

    Fund it yourself.

    1. Bonkers

      Err no, you’re confusing with Storyful which was bought out by Murdoch. is run entirely by volunteers and they need our support. I’m in, Gavin and his team have been doing some very valuable work and its time to help them out now rather than see the site fold.

    2. curmudgeon

      Nice comment, shows how much we need because internet commenters like yourself are full of two thing 1. Poo 2. Aggrandisingly self-righteous invective.

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