Press Reset



O’Doherty! Dobbo! Titley! Burtenshawe! Browne! Mmmercille!

Henry Silke writes:

Journalism’s independence from social and political forces has again come into question as seen with the cosy relationship between journalism and the financial and property sectors; while recently both newspapers and broadcasters are increasingly coming under accusations of bias in their reportage of social and political events.

This conference will bring together journalists, media workers and media theorists to discuss the role of journalism in the 21st century, conditions for journalists in the contemporary newsroom and prospects for the future of the media industry….

Conference: Journalism in times of Crisis

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15 thoughts on “Press Reset

  1. shitferbrains

    On the other hand there’s no such thing as a journalist with an agenda. No sir.

  2. joe

    how many of said journalists have easy to find PGP?


    alright, not so serious after all

      1. joe

        yeah but it could also be any other method of easily contacting them in a hard to trace manner.

        like if you are serious about journalism being free from political forces and speaking truth to power and all that jazz then you must have a way for whistleblowers to securely contact you

        all these guys are phonies without a clue

  3. Quint

    Bryan Dobson is a journalist? Thought he just read an autocue and got a six-figure sum for doing so.

  4. Mark My Little Words He'll Be Back in RTE in 12 Months

    “O’Doherty”? Really? No mention on the poster. Will Michael O’Doherty of VIP really drive his burnt orange Lamborghini all the way to Limerick?

    The orange might get more burnter..

    1. rory

      ‘Social Justice Warrior’ is a handy old term. You should use it more often. It let’s people know what you think.

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