Meanwhile, At The Greece/FYROM Border


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After days, and in some cases weeks, of up to 14,000 refugees and migrants waiting in deplorable conditions in Idomeni, journalists and volunteers working on the ground are reporting that thousands have started to march towards the border.

The Greek/FYROM border was closed off completely last week.

TIME reporter Simon Shuster tweetz:

“I’m with mass of refugees from Idomeni trying to walk through hills to Macedonia…Idomeni break-out today well-organised. Fliers printed out by refugees tell 1000s to walk to Germany. So far, so good. Police staying back.”

“Few dozen Greek police just tried and failed to block 100s of refugees breaking out of Idomeni. March continues. Local police chief on refugees breaking through: “Our orders are, No violence. That’s what Athens says. So what can we do?”.”

“March of refugees looks to be in 1000s now, more joining. Police drones monitoring progress toward Macedonia. Flier calling for refugees to march said: Germany wants to take you, Balkans only want money. If 1000s march, borders will open (paraphrase).”

Pics: Simon Shuster, Jim KroftDimitri Tosidis

Video: Fotomovimiento

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10 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At The Greece/FYROM Border

  1. Gers

    Sure its a grand day for walking! And aren’t 75% or more men in their twenties? Should be no bother to them.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      No its not 75% men in their 20s. I can’t believe there are clowns still buying that nonsense.

    1. dav

      Any recommendation for what sand we should use to stick our heads in, after we build a wall to keep people out??

  2. Small Wonder

    How lucky we are that we don’t have to club together to walk to Germany with our meagre possessions on our backs.

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