Robbed In Milan



The Eskies in happier times

Money, gear and a family-sized pack of travel beard trimmers.

All gone.

Ed Cahill writes:

I know you don’t normally do this, but everyone’s favorite gentlemen’s gypsy folk band The Eskies had some gear and their European tour takings to date stolen in Milan yesterday,

Full story from the guys here. There’s a GoFundMe page up and running [see link below] and it’d be great if people could show the love. Up The Parish

Help The Eskies (Gofundme)

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20 thoughts on “Robbed In Milan

  1. hmmm

    Band foolish enough not to get travel insurance expects people to bail them out when they’re caught with their pants down

  2. Eamonn Clancy

    They look like they had “rob us” written all over their faces. To allow someone rob your instruments is one thing, but your cash? Looks like the lads got a much needed lesson in life.


    (macbook, gopro and loads of other bits) along with ALL OF THE TAKINGS FROM THEIR UK TOUR!

    If you are lucky enough to afford mac books & gopros in the first instance, surely 5 grown men would have the funds to replace them if necessary, so tough tits there.

    The takings, is a right kick in the marbles alright, but for all 5 to agree it was better than depositing in an acc?
    well then tough tits there also.

    What the statue of limitations on getting fawners to fund you for poo you lost, left my wallet on the back of 46a in 1993

        1. JIMMY JAMES

          whats that in cup size?
          The logic is simple and grounded in common sense principles: after a certain length of time it is impossible to get accurate evidence – be it witnesses, people’s recollection etc.

          1. Caroline

            No one will ever forget your Ma.

            It’s convincing them to testify against her is the problem.

  4. Miq

    Milan is a great city. Robberies like this are very rare.

    Mainly cause people will fight with the thieving peasants to the death before giving their stuff over.
    But each to their own.

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