8 thoughts on “Hunguber

  1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

    It’s a guy with a SatNav, what do you expect? Do you not know the way home yourself?

  2. Owen

    Jaaysus…. how long did that take? Id ask for the money back AND argue they own you a free fair for inconvenience. After a few pints you must have been close to soiling the taxi.

  3. D2dweller

    Had the same in Dublin with a cab driver. He locked the doors when I questioned why we were going the complete opposite direction to my destination. Drove to Pearse St Garda station and locked me in the car. Guards came out, I showed them the GPS on my phone and they let me go. Turns out he had no tax or taxi license. Silly man.

    1. Donger

      I had a tour de dublin 4&6 when going from the rds to rathmines rd. Journey there cost €10. On the return we were on €16 but quite far from home. I questioned him, he got angry. Told him he was only getting a tenner so he pulled into to rathmines Garda station. Rang the bell a few times at reception but the guards were out for tea. Threw yer man a tenner and told him he was lucky. Bleedin cowboyz

  4. Niallo

    Few pints of what ? Chloroform ? You could grow a beard in the time that journey took. Was the tube not running ?

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