10 thoughts on “Minister For Housing, Anyone?

  1. dav

    I’m surprised they haven’t a minister of landlords, considering how many TD’s are landlords, profiting from the labour of others.

  2. Joe Small

    We don’t have ministries in this country, we have departments. So we’re to have a new rural affairs department and a new housing department. Since we can only have 15 cabinet members, which two departments do we abolish?!

    Its very tedious to have a complete reorganisation of departments every five years so ministers can look like they’re being innovative. It takes a good year or so for everyone involved to figure out what the hell has happened and sort out the mess the politicians have made of government administration.

    1. Martin Heavy-Guy

      What they will do is amalgamate departments and make room.

      That’s why there is no arts department anymore, but there is the ambiguous and scattered entity of the “Department of arts, heritage and the Gaeltacht”.

      This is soon to be officially renamed the “Department of unconnected things we can’t be bothered dealing with but need to keep on the ticket in case we lose the young vote, including but not exclusive to: the arts, housing, social care, mental health, special needs education, the Gaeltacht (and the Irish language in general), heritage (except throughout 1916) and cyclists”.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        “arts, heritage and gaeltacht” is not a bad mix. I’m sure the gaelgoiri would love to split them so they could get more money to spend on continuing the clearly not working and out dated methods of ‘preserving’ the Irish language.

        1. Martin Heavy-Guy

          But it cripples our art budget (0.2% of GDP – the average in Europe is 0.6% of GDP). The arts are bracketed in with heritage and culture to balance this.

          The Gaeltacht measures in the country are poor – we should be looking to strong examples like Wales but the way that it is managed is terrible, which is a pity.


    They could start by asking fellow students to ask their parents to lower the rents on their nest egg rental properties, charity starts at home

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