You Really Need A Barbiere



Barbiere, Camden Street, Dublin

Is it time for a Spring cut (and beard trim)?

Not you, ladies.

Alison writes:

Barbiere is an extremely cool Neapolitan barbershop based at 23, Lower Camden Street. It combines the skill of generations of Italian artisan barbering with the design and style of contemporary Italy.

Barbiere owner Enny Buono learned his craft from his father in Naples and his skills go back four generations of Neapolitan barbers.

Barbiere has a very cool system where they sit their customers down with an iPad and go through the looks they want.

A bespoke orange vespa on the wall and the complimentary Lavazza coffee are also firm favourites of the Barbiere clientele.

We have one (yes ONE) voucher to use at Barbiere worth €100 to giveaway to an unkempt broadsheet reader. To enter, please complete the sentence below.

‘My worst haircut to date was_________________________’

Lines MUST close at 4.50pm



62 thoughts on “You Really Need A Barbiere

  1. Cormac

    My worst haircut to date was an unwanted mullet by going to the first barbers I could find on a Sunday expecting most of them to be closed. Needed another haircut to fix it. Lesson learned, speak up if the barber at the end asks “is that alright yeah?”.

      1. realPolithicks

        I used to get my haircut by Liam back in the 70’s when I lived in Inchicore. Sound man indeed.

  2. Anomanomanom

    My worst haircut to date is the one i currently have, for the last 22 years. It’s just so easy to shave my head, I need this voucher so I can get some professional help and stop scalping myself and maybe just get a haircut the cool kids will like.

    1. Anne

      The boyfriend was the same, doing a crew cut on himself once a month.
      He’s grown it out now and he has a fine head of hair on him.. That you can play with and put your fingers through when.. eh nevermind..
      I don’t understand men shaving their heads, unless they’re heading off to combat, or their hair is thinning.

      1. Anomanomanom

        It was a crazy moment when i was 12 years old. And now it grows out like a wet mop. It’s an abomination.

  3. Kevin

    My worst haircut to date was during rag week in first year. The questionable barber near the college was doing a rag week special, half price haircuts. So they were €3.50 instead of €7. despite not asking for it, I got the most uneven buzz-cut the world has ever seen. And, when shown the back of my mangled head (a million tiny cuts too) I uttered the usual ‘Yeah grand thanks’ before handing over my money and leaving.

  4. Mikey

    My worst haircut to date was when I was 7 and my older sister was learning to cut hair. I ended up with haircut very similar to Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber, a bowl cut with no fringe. My mother was not happy.

    1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

      It’s a shame it’s not an organic gluten-free artisan barber really

  5. Dav

    My worst haircut to date was growing a helmet of hair and dying it neon red in me teens, like the true punk I strived so hard to be. The dye kept running in the shower, staining me neck and shoulders pink. All it ever did for me was earn the nickname Bosco…

  6. Caroline

    My favourite thing about my barber is the bespoke orange vespa on the wall. I would describe it as a firm favourite.

  7. David Higgins

    My worst haircut to date was that applied to senior bondholders of Irish financial institutions…. Oh wait.

  8. Joe cool

    My worst haircut was when I was 11. I wanted to look like the footballer mark Hughes. He had curly hair with the mullet, my hair was and is dead straight. The next time my mother got her hairdresser in, she proceeded to give me “the mark hughes” . Full head of curlers in my head. My looked like the dead carcass of a bichon frise

  9. Dermot

    My worst haircut to date was what I can only describe as a reverse mohawk. It was not with my consent. I learned never to be the first to fall asleep at a party and also to find some new friends.

  10. Bertie Blenkinsop

    My worst haircut to date was in 1982.

    I wanted to look like David Sylvian, having just seen him on Top of the Pops and deciding there and then that to 11 year old me he was undoubtedly the coolest man in the world ( an opinion that hasn’t much changed over the years strangely enough ).

    Anyhow, clutching my copy of Smash Hits I went along to excitedly to get my “do” and a mere three hours later walked out the absolute spitting image of Princess Diana.

    I got a tennis ball haircut the following week.

  11. Langdon Alger

    My worst haircut to date was when I was getting my long hair cut off and I asked the barber to “give me the Carter USM” . Disaster!…I should probably say unbelievable.

      1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

        Bertie, you remember that ‘hidden’ track at the end of Sherbet Dip, don’t you?
        The fun I used to get out of that on the pub jukebox…two songs for the price of one…

        …the good ol’ days…when ‘free’ meant free…
        …we hadn’t a clue, had we?

        1. Bertie Blenkinsop

          Did they have a song with Mark Chapman on it or did I make that up?

          You’re right though, we hadn’t a clue, still don’t truth be told :)

  12. Micl

    My worst haircut to date was where my mate thought we were in Jackass so decided to take a razor to my fringe shaving off about a 2 inch chunk. A 30 second laugh followed by a full head shave because I thought that was the best option. I’m not good looking, a tight haircut does not complement my features.

  13. Tarfton Clax

    Possibly the Corn Rows as my Giant Red Afro was not the coolest thing going in 2005 apparently…..

  14. zackersetu

    I had very blue, very spiky hair for about a year in college. I loved it. Of course it involved bleaching my head pretty regularly, like monthly …. but that was grand!

    Not my worst haircut, you say? Well true. but jump 15 years, every haircut is now my worst …. as apparently I burned the ability to grow hair off my head …. so every haircut I now have always starts with the phrase … ‘Sure just tidy it up…. what’s left of it … HAHAHAHAHA (*dies inside) ‘ .

    Perhaps that’s why I have a beard .. I overcompensate (also …. to point out I can still use the voucher!)

  15. JW

    My worst haircut was when I paid €30 for my pre-wedding haircut ( I was the groom). I really didn’t like the cut. So much so I went back to my regular €6.99 place and got another chop. Wedding was superb, divorced now though. Perhaps haircut related…

  16. Bobster

    My worst haircut to date was the blade zero undercut that was de regueur in the mid 90’s. Coupled with a pair of gigantic x worx, an eclipse top with two zips and a fetching black waistcoat, I was quite the twat about town

  17. Harry Molloy

    My worst haircut to date was one of gave myself when I was five when I cut my fringe off and then shaved my eyebrows for good measure.

  18. Totoro

    The worse haircut my boyfriend ever had was when I decided to help him tidy up his edges at the front after he cut his own hair, I slipped and accidentally shaved one of his sideburns off (above the ear) – this voucher would help to repair our trust and his hair….

  19. The People's Hero

    My worst haircut to date was… unfortunately… Barbiere… Such a shame as I like the place and the guys… The iPad pics are unrealistic and… well…. the words silk purse, sow’s ear comes to mind…. The Medavita product is great though.

    So I guess I’m out….

  20. NilNocere

    My worst haircut to date was a bald patch inflicted on me by the old man just as I was entering the awkward teenage years. He used to do the standard Blade 2 for all of us (5 boys) every second Saturday. One Saturday – I think I was about 12 at the time, he got a bit distracted and I ended up with a landing strip on top of the head. I think I wore a hat to school for about a week and have trusted the professionals since then!

  21. jack johnson

    I’m impressed with their prices, €23 for what I usually pay €35 for, so not a total hipster rip off .. I might give them a go ‘cos €35 is taking the piss .. My worst haircut I had was the one I administered myself, in a thunderstorm, by candlelight !

  22. munkifisht

    My worst haircut to date was confused. It was around the time of blur and oasis, and I was coming down on the side of blur but was also coming out of liking hard rock. I ended up with an overlap that I plied with brylcream can came to a ponytail at the back.

    1. munkifisht

      Should mention also I was 16. I did not have much success with the girls until well into my 20s.

  23. The Dazman

    I’ve never had a bad haircut because frosted tips was a solid style choice in the late noughties, particularly for a ginger man. Nor do I regret spiking my hair at a 90 degree angle like I just made love to an electrical socket as looking like a porcupine is still an inspiring look, But most of all I do not regret the triangle shaved into the back of my head when I was sixteen.

    No, I most certainty have never had a bad hair cut

  24. Donger

    My worst haircut to date was actually a lack of a haircut. Done the year in oz thing in ’05. I was always a short back and sides man but didn’t get a chop for the whole year away. Turns out I’ve got extremely curly Afro hair.
    After returning home, the mean streets of Dublin sorted me out. Was getting drive by abuse and complete strangers approaching me telling me to get an effing haircut. I now have a mini, manicured fro

  25. Clampers Outside!

    ‘My worst haircut to date was …a few weeks back in a Temple Bar hipster barbers, the young man doing my hair thought he was cool pushing the chair around with his foot which caused the clipper to catch and pull on my hair and scalp as the clipper could not keep up with his ‘acting cool’. I thought at one point, the third or fourth snag, I was going to get up and deck him. All flash and showy, with no concern for me, the customer.

    When he finished, it was a decent job, but I still felt like telling him he’s an idiot and bad at his job. I’ve paid less than half what I was charged for a more professional and highly attentive haircut in the small barber opposite Listons, Lower Camden Street.

    I paid, left no tip, and won’t be returning to that hipster kip in Temple Bar.

  26. RockyRoader

    My worst haircut to date was not at Abner Brown’s in Rathmines. More than a barbershop, no pretensions.
    Less coffee, more good music, fine haircuts.

  27. Owen

    My worst haircut to date was in Thailand, 2002. I was tanked in Bangkok and thought it would be funny to ask for “what the locals get”. Turns out the locals don’t get banter. I had to try twist my terrible joke into an actual desire to get a central parting and shaved sides.

    1. Owen

      Wait…. are we just talking “head” haircuts? Cause if not I’ve a better story. Just give me the nod.

      Oddly, also occurred in Thailand.

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