Sunset Vigil



Last night.

A father and daughter look out across Lough Swilly in County Donegal from the spot on the pier slipway where five people including members of the McGrotty and Daniels families drowned when Mr. McGrotty’s car slipped off the pier into the sea.

The funerals take place today.

Meanwhile: Buncrana: Car pulled from pier tragedy scene last August (BBC)

Eamonn Farrell/Rollingnews

3 thoughts on “Sunset Vigil

  1. ollie

    This should never have happened. There’s no excuse for not having a barrier or gate to prevent access to a slipway by people who aren’t familiar with the area. 5 lives lost because of the “ah shure it’ll be grand” attitude.

    Also, as this happened on a slipway which is a place of work should the HSA be carrying out an investigation?

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