21 thoughts on “Darf

  1. Donger

    I do think dogs should be allowed on darts/trains/Luas but not on the seats. Next person to sit there will be covered in hair.

    1. Anne

      Yeah, but they probably wouldn’t get covered in sharts from dogs.. (there’s a context somewhere, but I can’t be arsed looking for it)

  2. Owen

    This right here is the problem with the world. Why do people feel the need to tweet this pointless crap?

    A dog, on a seat, on public transport. Wild.

      1. Anne

        West highland terrior.. aka a ‘Westie’.. very nice dogs all right.

        They were trained to hunt rats on ships back in the day..

          1. Sheila

            They have terrible eye sight though. Taking my mums three out for a walk years ago and they’d totally miss a rabbit 10 feet away. But they’d pick up the scent when they got to the spot and they’d all hare off after the smell! Rabbit would be long gone. Funny really

    1. Murtles

      Because there has to be a balance. We don’t want long transcripts of radio shows and who said what and politicians bullpoo speechs all the time. There has to be nice no thinking needed posts like pictures of dawggies and cats and overpriced till receipts that we can just look and grin (or you can just tut and roll your eyes if that is your predilection which it seems to be).

  3. Gah!

    So many people put their feet up on the seats, I would be more worried that the dog would get dirty from the seat rather than the other way around.

  4. Continuity Jay-Z

    The westie’s reign of terror continues unabated in Dublin. #scum #drugs #gangs

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