33 thoughts on “Platform Viewing

    1. Rany Day

      I see him! ….I was looking for ages and couldn’t spot him…its funny really how they look like normal people after a while.
      I wonder how many people he tied to a proxy bomb? …. I would guess even the people of 1916 would think that was beyond the pale. Yesterdays psychopath is today’s politician….funny old world.

    1. jambon

      Really? So glad I didn’t experience that, would have winced myself inside out with embarrassment.

    1. Quint

      She was there with her boyfriend, Sinn Fein’s intellectual-in-residence Eoin O’Broin. How did two Shinners get such good seats?

      1. Kieran NYC

        Someone beat Julien to the title of Sinn Fein’s intellectual-in-residence? No way.

        I’d say the competition was only fierce. Not easy keeping an egg on a spoon over that distance.

        1. classter

          Tbf the Shinners are not bereft of thinkers.

          Morgan Kelly is reputed to lend a helping hand from time to time.

          It’d take more than that to brief Adams on economic matters but it would still be a mistake for the mainstream parties to underestimate SF in that regard. Especially since neither would be accused of being overly interested in policy & intellectualism.

      2. Tish Mahorey

        “How did two Shinners get such good seats?”

        They have 23 seats in the Dail. It’s called democracy. And their party has a direct line to Sinn Fein of 1916. Can’t have your cake and eat it Quint.

  1. Pablo Pistachio

    And here we have the lesser spotted BIFFO, rarely seen in the wild anymore, searching for the nearest “watering hole”

      1. TheDude

        Probably not but still on The Beacon no doubt. Nice to see the guys who gave away our sovereignty getting the best seats

    1. rotide

      It certainly looks like the woman behind him wearing a completely different color is holding up a cup of coffee.

      Nothing really escapes you does it

  2. 15 cents

    id straight up murder Bertie and Cowen if i could. Idealy as part of the parade on sunday. Public execution. Id do it with my bare hands .. one at a time or both at once, its all the same.

  3. phill

    hope they are waiting for their turn on Monsieur Guillotine’s new invention, (apart from the marys)

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