Over Bare Ben Bulben’s Head




Annie West writes:

Thanks to the gifted Sligo photographer James Connolly we can now bring you the Benbulben 1916 flag…



The flag up close.

The reason?

As part of our ongoing centenary celebrations, some members of the Fr Michael O’Flanagan Memorial Group made it to the summit of Benbulben at lunchtime on Easter Monday to fly a tri-colour.

Fr O’Flanagan instigated the seditious practice of displaying the tri-colour in Cliffoney in the summer of 1915.

In her book Crossing Highbridge, Maureen Waters describes how her father, a member of the Grange Volunteers, climbed Benbulben and planted a tri-colour there in 1916 to let the people of North Sligo know the Rising had begun.

Cliffoney Remembers Fr Michael O’Flanagan (Facebook)

Thanks David Lawless

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  1. Truth in the News

    Another needs to be flown up the Mall in Sligo Town on Harlech Lodge, no doubt
    the local bretheren will oblige.

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