24 thoughts on “Women’s Matters

  1. Bertie Blenkinsop

    * looks in press under the sink at Mr Sheen and Mister Muscle products *

    Are they saying men are only useful for polishing and scrubbing?

  2. Tim Buck Three

    They also stock a Mr Mat.
    The Mr Mat is a rugged, outdoor mat while the Mrs Mat is a softer indoor mat.

    So, still perpetuating stereotypes but not quite as offensive

  3. Gary

    Seriously, these are great mats and €22.50 is a great price for them.
    Wonder which Tesco this was….

  4. flip

    Miss Miss what was life like back in 2016?

    Well Jimmy everyone was either just after being offended, was offended or was about to be offended?

    Sounds awful Miss

    It was Jimmy it was

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