Acoustic House Of Cards



Steely-eyed Chad Neidt picks out a very passable acoustic rendition of Jeff Beal’s not-terribly-cover-version-friendly House Of Cards title theme. Sez he:

This is one of my favorite TV shows ever. The theme isn’t the catchiest, but it really fits the entire mood of the show. I love how confusing this was to figure out.


11 thoughts on “Acoustic House Of Cards

  1. Tish Mahorey

    House of Guards:

    “You goan to Coppers hi?”

    “Nooo, shtayin’ in to watch D’public of Telly”

    “You finish all the sliced pans, boi?


    1. Jackdaw

      It’s total marmite. I loved it half me mate hated it. Thought it was most even season yet. Many will disagree.

    2. bertie blenkinsop

      Surprised at that, I’m 3/4’s through Season 4 and I think it’s a real return to form, so far.

    3. Custo

      I watched the first 2 episodes of season 4 and didn’t bother going back..season 3 jumped a few sharks

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