‘The Rubberbandits Are Now As Mainstream As Ryan Tubridy’



Comedian David McSavage

The Irish Sun reports:

The Savage Eye star [David McSavage] is due to appear in court later this month over an unpaid TV licence.

But he is refusing to pay the €160 bill in protest at what he views as the national broadcaster’s laughable taste in humour.

Yesterday Dave told the Irish Sun he was left gobsmacked at how his Savage Eye 1916 Special was turned down after watching rival sketch shows by the Irish Pictorial Weekly team and The Rubberbandits.

And he reserved special scorn for the take-off skits wheeled out in The Mario Rosenstock Show.

Dave said: “RTE didn’t commission my Savage Eye special because they were too scared and we might have done something funny.

“Instead they hired Irish Pictorial Weekly to do a 1916 which ended up being derivative of the Savage Eye, it was awful.”

The 49-year-old, whose Savage Eye follow-up series Poor Me And The Bastards has also been rejected by Montrose bosses, was no less scathing about another irreverent retelling of the Rising from Limerick’s favourite hip-hop jokers.

He said: “The Rubberbandits are now as mainstream as Ryan Tubridy. They used to be quirky and bent, but I thought that their 1916 special was awful. And as for the last series by Mario Rosenstock? I’m willing to go to prison for that.



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Dave McSavage says: ‘RTE comedy is so bad, I won’t pay license fee even if I have to go to jail’ (Ken Sweeney, The Irish Sun)

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127 thoughts on “‘The Rubberbandits Are Now As Mainstream As Ryan Tubridy’

  1. flip

    He is essentially Mr Burns drawing flies on Marge when she spurned his advances – god bless he has never been the “full shilling”

    1. Tish Mahorey

      “– god bless he has never been the “full shilling””

      You’d want to be more careful what you say about people.

      That kind of put down, a suggestion that he’s a bid mental is a typical Irish dismissal of people who get a little too close to the truth for some people’s comfort.

  2. jeremy kyle

    While I actually like David McSavage – in all fairness what does he expect from RTE? They want mainstream.

    Maybe look elsewhere, dude.

  3. joj

    Rubberbandits have made half funny songs/paradies, but theyre not comdieams as such. Some dreadful poo i saw last night convinced me of that, especially when they make social commentary.

    McSavage is way funnier

          1. Nigel

            …then you don’t understand Irish tribalism, guilt by association and sideline assumptions that success is never deserved.

          1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            I did laugh.

            I had to google him and you know it.

            He looks funny. Is that the same?

  4. bisted

    …there’s only one thing worse than being compared to Ryan Tubridy…being related to him…

    1. classter

      Being compared to him is definitely far worse.

      That being said, I don’t think the comparison has much merit here. Tubs is definitely more ‘mainstream’ (even if he’s not very good at all).

  5. Maria

    Irish Pictorial Weekly was on of the best programmes on TV. Leave them alone David. There is room for you all

          1. Anne


            I’m only a spring chicken myself shur.. did I ever tell you about the time they stopped me for I.D. in Aldi? Happened two times in the space of a few months.. I have no witnesses, but it happened, shwear.

          2. Bertie Blenkinsop

            Something similar happened to me and unfortunately I’d lost my ID when they bombed The Strand.

          3. The Old Boy

            It was a luck escape for you Bertie, seeing as they read Reinhard von Schulte and the SOE were closing in on you.

          4. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

            ‘Lucky escape’ is what you meant, isn’t it Old Boy?

            Seriously, you don’t know how funny that is.
            I fell off me chair.

            I wish I could explain it but it wouldn’t be the right thing to do. I’m a gentleman.

    1. Medium Sized C

      The Irish Pictorial weekly one had one or two moments.
      You probably would have liked the debate with Enda.

      Not great like.

  6. postmanpat

    McSavage should give Channel 4 a call he will still get his Irish audience plus more money. At least they appreciate satire. Leave RTE to rot with Rosenstock and all the unfunny dopes on The Republic of Telly.

  7. Tish Mahorey

    McSavage is talented and gets Ireland and the Irish absolutely bang on. It’s because he’s so close to the mark that RTE can’t handle it.

    RTE want predictable lazy rubbish like the Republic of Telly because their audience don’t have to make an effort to ‘get it’.

      1. bacchus

        Incorrect. Pictorial Weekly might be bloody awful but McSavage is as funny as a white coffin.

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          Agree. An unpredictable compendium of silent chuckles with an occasional LOL. I like Savage – complete oddball. RTE hate that.
          I would’ve loved to have refused to pay my license on the grounds of RTE Television being shyte but refusing to pay things for a principle has got me into hassle – and it didn’t bring the publicity it’s bringing to Savage here. I guess everyone’s entitled to earn a living though.

        2. Rowsdower

          Yeah, very inconsistent show. Its best sketches were great but the rest were pretty insipid.

      1. Cark

        The Savage Eye is one of the most important pieces of satirical work ever to be produced in this Country.
        Scathingly accurate, depressingly so at times. It’s a triumph.

  8. Anomanomanom

    He’s god awful. And a complete weirdo, Iv drank with him at many a house party as my mates girlfriend was running is comedy club gigs and he’s an odd ball

    1. classter

      I can well believe that he is an ‘odd ball’ but what is more odd is that you think that is a reasonable or interesting contribution to a discussion on a comedian.

      1. Anomanomanom

        It’s very valid, it’s very odd that someone in comedy can’t take criticism and savages others for doing better than him.

  9. Smashmouth

    He’s dead right about Mario Rosenstock

    The chap is still doing Steve Staunton impressions FFS

    In ten years he will still be doing Joan Burton aswell

      1. J

        Agree. Too contrived to be witty. He cultivates a madness to distract from the obvious. Not a patch on Dermot Morgan.

        1. Kieran NYC

          I watched Morgan’s stand up show on YouTube a while back.

          Not all he was cracked up to be either.

          1. classter

            Old stand-up is rarely that funny – even most of the greats.

            Their thoughts get pinched, styles of delivery change & the conversation moves on.

          1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

            That’s very true.
            The comedy came from the script and direction in Father Ted.
            It was more than any of it’s stars.
            Look at them now…If you can…Apart from Graham Norton they’re hard to find.

            I hate being so anal about it, but I love using that word ‘anal’. Just to see if I go into ‘moderation’ over it.

  10. ahjayzis

    He’s been treated massively unfairly.

    How would you guys feel if you were literally the only person in history RTE declines to shower with nepotistic favours?

    If your daddy was a government minister and your cousin was Ryan Tubridy and RTE refuses to fill your bath with 100 euro bills, is this even Ireland any more? What have we become?

      1. ahjayzis

        And we’re definitely not Greece, we’ve had that confirmed from multiple sources.

  11. ivor

    Isn’t Savage related to the Communications Clinic crowd, Anton and that chap on the board of RTE? Savage used to do “Comedy” on the streets of Dublin. He basically abused people passing by. An entitled and usually unfunny ejit .

    1. irishstu

      Yeah, it was basically “hey Japanese woman, here’s how you have sex” then rasicm

    2. Supercrazyprices

      Oh Ivor you fool. Firstly how are McSavage and Savage the same name? And secondly, McSavage is a stage name, not his real surname. People like you don’t have the capacity to get anything other than slapstick humour.

    3. Lorcan Nagle

      An aunt of mine runs one of the book stalls in Temple Bar, and she despises im because of having to endure his “street comedy”, which was literally making fun of people who walked by, and getting the audience to clap along with “if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands”, and then changing it at the end to “if you’re gay and you know it”.

  12. ReproBertie

    RTÉ paid for his comedy series and he is refusing to pay his tv licence in protest over their taste in humour.

    Maybe if we all refuse to pay we’ll be spared another series.

  13. JimmyTheHead

    Dunno I think Savage Eye was brilliant, much funnier than IPW and Rosenstock tries but its cringe comedy, not something ive ever been a fan of since Mr Bean. No need for him to slate the Rubberbandits tho.

    Bumped into McSavage on Baggot st last year and he was really nice, hopefully he doesnt have to leave us for channel 4…

    1. Ivor

      Being based in the UK, I hope not.

      I hear that the Nigerians know how to treat the relatives of politicians well. Maybe he should try his art there. Or Panama . . .

      1. classter

        If she wrote something for RTE, with a smaller budget, even if the quality was good, you would slate it.

        1. J

          @ Classter : I wouldn’t . I appreciate quality and I love seeing those that are talented succeed.

  14. MoyestWithExcitement

    I’ve been to a few comedy gigs over the years. I walked out of one. He was pretty funny taking the pish out of folks walking by him in Temple Bar Square but he is one bitter, unhappy motherfupper otherwise.

  15. elsie

    He’s hilarious, a great satirist
    and I agree with him RTE is poor
    …i do like pictorial weekly though…

  16. Cromuel

    Irish comedy is usually pretty awful, IMHO. I’d love it to be good and subtle and sharp and gentle, like the best of the pixieheads thing, whatever that was, but almost all seems to be made with people gurning and shouting and making foonny fayyces and practically leaning out of the TV or radio to nudge you and shout “GEDDIT? GEDDIT? GEDDIT?”

  17. mildred st. meadowlark

    I like Savage Eye. Much better than the other ‘comedic’ offerings from RTE. It’s one of the only things I’d actually turn on for.

  18. Quint

    He’s right – Rosenstock is dreadful, RUBBERBANDITS Guide to 1916 was a slog to get through, Republic of Telly is only funny if you’re 22 and/or drunk and Irish Pictorial Weekly is very hit and miss. Savage Eye was spot on and uncomfortable viewing as it hit some unpalatable home truths about Ireland and the Irish.

  19. Jon Snow

    McSavage is a Savage. I personally Think he’s one of the funniest comedians out of Ireland. Ruberbandits I feel like are mainly hyped up by kids and in general are pretty ‘meh’. They were funny at the start but I’d agree with Dave, that they’ve lost their flair due to how ‘mainstream’ they’ve become.

    Savage Eye was hilarious, genuinely funny and always pretty topical and on point.

  20. Skeptik

    He’s right – it’s just a pity streaming here isn’t mature enough to leave RTE to rot; like Netflix is doing to cable in the US. I’d gladly pay to see him above anything we pay for on RTE through the licence fee.

  21. Gah!

    Rosenstock is about as funny as kick to the mebs from a steel-capped Doc Marten but McSavage is about as funny as cancer. If only Mr. McSavage’s talent matched his arrogance.

  22. Yer Aul Wan's Cooking

    Nothing McSavage says is that sharp or new. He’s reliant on awkwardness, or oh-sheeeeeeet gags.

    This is why he’s had his moment in the sun (if you can call it that) and the Rubberbandits, fair play to them, are on the button.

    I think RTE is a pile of mickeys, but the Rubberbandits stuff is gas, and they’re hitting the nail on the head in terms of the right amounts of being out-there, subject matter and reach across all media, so long may someone in RTE fight their corner.

  23. diddy

    Al Porter anyone? His Christmas Show that went out to the mamas and papas of Ireland on xmas eve was MORTIFYING.. whoever green lighted this “talent” should be shot at dawn.

    Mc savage is right.

  24. Starina

    He’s such a miserable b^st^rd.. I lived across the road from him for two years. Always a big scowl on his face, and he dresses like he’s 80. Mind you, I already hated him when I moved in because he used to terrorise Temple Bar with his awful, racist, simpleton street “comedy”.

  25. Frilly Keane

    Maybe he should follow Leather Jacket lad’s lead

    I’d he’s all that good like

  26. Junkface

    The Savage eye is very funny, deffo one of the best Irish comedy shows. RTE are eejits for not showing this episode. AND I’d rather pay a water charge than the TV licence fee. Its waaaay too expensive for the poo TV they throw at us.

    1. classter

      It isn’t that expensive.

      It is less than the UK fee & clearly they have a much smaller pool of payers.

      Within their budget, they do ok. Current affairs. music, sport is generally covered rather well.

      They fall down on the programs that require bigger budgets – comedy, drama, documentaries.

  27. Cromuel

    We also need diversification of TV – lots of little local TV stations, plenty of working-class voices. The available RTE gene pool is tadpoleybourgeouis at the moment.

    1. classter

      Complete nonsense.

      The (relatively small) licence fee pool is already stretched too thinly.

      The big problem is that the Irish market is so small that it doesn’t fund the teams of writers, re-shoots, high production quality etc. that are required for really good quality productions.

      I would like to see RTE take some more gambles & aim at producing shows which they can sell abroad…

  28. dhaughton99

    I watched James May put a lawn mower back together again on BBC 4 last night. It was wonderful. 10x better than anything on RTE.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Don’t be giving the Montrosie programmers any more poo for Des Bishop and that twerp Delimare to do on the telly

  29. Andy McGowan

    Where does McSavage get the idea he is funny? Only got that dreadful RTE gig because of who his relatives are.

    Mind you I did laugh once at the top of Grafton Street when someone popped him one for racially abusing a Chinese girl.

  30. pedeyw

    David McSavage has always struck me as the kind of guy who will happily insult everyone around, then get in a huff when someone insults him back. Back in his busking days he seemed to think a guitar and a microphone gave him permission to insult any random passer by (and I should point out that no, it never happened to me.) Now he’s got in a huff cos the Rubber bandits are overtaking him. I have zero time for him.

    1. Anomanomanom

      Rte ever showed!!!!! father ted maybe. Not created by but it was shown on Rte after channel 4

  31. Continuity Jay-Z

    He is not a stand up comedian but he is absolutely an acid-tongued satirist. His street show was an affront to humour but the Savage Eye is incredible.

  32. Supercrazyprices

    You all want Republic of Telly and bad rips off of Mock the Week.

    You all want the meat the three veg of humour because you’ve no imagination, no adventure, no culture and don’t have the courage to disagree with your herd of clone friends.

    And that’s why you all end up voting like your parents did and get the same old crap generation after generation.

    Ireland is a province, not a proper country. Damon Hill living in Killiney made you all think you were sophisticated.

    1. dan

      I agree, any humour I’ve ever seen on rte was small minded in group rubbish. Always left me with a similar impression to that of racist jokes, if you’re not racist you can’t see the joke, because ‘it’s racist!’ IS the joke…

  33. The Real Jane

    I am glad they’ve decided not to recommission him. For some reason, he seemed obsessed with portraying women on his show. He is not able to portray women, write comedy about women or make this woman laugh.

    However, refusing to pay your licence fee because you’re funny and your mammy, agent and dog all say so but you can’t get paid to be funny on telly because telly are paying lots of people you don’t think are funny is stellar performance art.

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