No One Likes Us, We Don’t Care



Paschal Donohoe

Fine Gael TD and acting Transport, Tourism and Sport Minister Paschal Donohoe spoke to Richard Crowley on RTÉ One’s News At One earlier about the prolonged Government formation talks brouhaha.

A quick tay.

Richard Crowley: “Are you then, as this stage, prepared to flesh it out in more detail, give us more detail of what exactly is on offer. For instance, and this hasn’t been answered satisfactorily, are you talking about a rotating Taoiseach?

Paschal Donohoe: “The reason it hasn’t been answered is this is something that hasn’t been discussed by either party.”

Crowley: “But are you proposing it? That was my question.”

Donohoe: “No, it is not something that the party is proposing but what we want to do is discuss what a partnership arrangement, a three-way partnership arrangement, would look like with Fianna Fáil and the Independents…”

Crowley: “Are you open, are you open to the idea of a rotating Taoiseach?

Donohoe: “What we are open to is having discussions with Fianna Fáil in relation to how stable…”

Crowley: “Ok you want to keep that a secret, you want to keep that a secret for now and what…”

Donohoe: “No, excuse me, let me come in there. This isn’t about keeping matters secret or not.”

Crowley: “Well, I’ve asked you the question are you open to discussing…you didn’t answer it.”

Talk over each other

Donohoe: “Richard, again, Richard again – if you’ll allow me to finish the point – what we are looking to do is put together a stable Government for the benefit of our country and want to have discussions in that spirit with all parties…”

Crowley: “But you won’t, you won’t tell me whether or not that involves Fine Gael being open to the idea of a rotating Taoiseach?”

Donohoe: “Because at this point what we are putting on the table is the principle of  a partnership government and the fact that that principle has now been rejected is why it’s so important that we make clear to Fianna Fáil but, beyond that, to the country, what this is all about…to the right thing for the country.”

Crowley: “I know, I know, everybody knows that, with respect minister, you’re just insulting the intelligence of the listeners by telling them how important this is. They know that and that’s why they’re waiting for the detail of this deal. But you’re not in a position to give it, for instance where or what would be the role of the Independents in this partnership plan you’re proposing?”

Donohoe: “Well, with respect to you, Richard, I think it’s up to your listeners themselves to make an evaluation on the answers that I’m attempting to put to them and there’s few people who’ve greater respect for your listeners, and for the electorate, than somebody who’s trying to get elected on their behalf…”

Crowley:Then tell them what’s on offer.”

Donohoe: “Richard, again, for the third time, I’d like to answer your question you’re putting to me. What we’re saying here is in relation to the further point that you brought to me there is in terms of what the arrangement would like with the Independents. We had a discussion with the Independents, all of the Independents earlier on in the week, which, they were all present, in which we made clear to them that we wanted to put this broad arrangement on the table to Fianna Fáil. And based on the response that we had back from them, we then offered further opportunity to see what would be the policy platform upon which we could jointly govern…”

Crowley: “By the way, by the way, minister. The Independents also say that they didn’t know that what was on the agenda yesterday for that meeting between Micheal Martin and Enda Kenny was the notion of this grand partnership that would include a role for them. They weren’t aware that that was on the agenda either. Why not?”

Donohoe: “Actually Richard, it’s my understanding that Deputy Michael Healy Rae earlier on today, on one of your other shows, said that they were aware that we were going to be putting such proposals to Fianna Fáil.”

Crowley: “So you told formally that this was going to be discussed. And as for their role in this, are you, have you laid out specific roles in terms of number of seats at Cabinet [inaudible].”

Donohoe: “Ah no Richard, sure, of course we can’t get to that point yet. What we have to do and what we’re looking to do is respect the decisions that the Independents themselves may make and I respect that, I respect the situation they find themselves in. And sure nobody can get to a point of discussing something like that until we’re finally clear on who wants to play a role in Government. And that is the decision, now, that each of us, all of us, need to make now in the coming week.”

Crowley: “So the offer, just to clarify, very quickly, as I know you’re in a rush to go…”

Donohoe: “Ah no Richard, I’m delighted to be on with you, I’m happy to spend as much time with you as you’d like to have me on for.”

Listen back in full here


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26 thoughts on “No One Likes Us, We Don’t Care

  1. Cata

    Perhaps Broadsheet should do a story on what’s the situation with the charges against Pat Carey? There’s been absolute radio silence on this issue.

      1. Cata

        Not yep. The gardai are still working at them. Funny, I’d bet if the charges were against someone from Sinn Fein or AAA the gardai wouldn’t be draggin their feet over that.

          1. Cata

            To report why the investigation is proceeding so slowly. The complaints were made years ago. The Gardai ignored them to all intents and purposes then. New allegations are made, and the Gardai are still dragging their feet over it. Get the feeling this might be political policing? Carey’s getting very cushy treatment over this.

          2. Cata

            It is slow for everyone. But this case has been dragging on (since the first allegation) for over twenty years. That’s beyond slow, even for the Irish judicial system.

          3. ForFecksSake

            Things don’t take a long time because there are lots of people doing lots of work on the case that takes loads of time. Things take a long time because of inefficiencies.

    1. Liam Deliverance

      Join the FG party, or FF for that matter, they will soon indoctrinate you and you will learn the art of speaking out of both side of one’s mouth and occasionally through one’s rear end.

      They should only get air time if they promise to leave the doublespeak out, otherwise it’s just a waste of time. I doubt you could hypnotize Paschal Donohoe and get an opinion from him that was completely his own. “Tea or Coffee Paschal?” “Ehhh” – *Thinks of Enda* – “Do you have any Rooibos?”

    2. Kieran NYC

      I think it’s when your mouth moves faster than your brain. You’re hearing yourself speak and praying you get away with it.

      Like permanently trying to fake not having a hangover.

  2. ReproBertie

    “I think it’s up to your listeners themselves to make an evaluation on the answers that I’m attempting to put to them”

    Well as one of those listeners I’ll happily confirm that the answers are insulting. The answers are about promoting FG as making some massive move when they’ve clearly not doing any such thing but are making ridiculous offers (while keeping the detail secret) and then blaming the others for not accepting them. Frances Fitzgerald was even worse yesterday with her repeated talk of how historic the move was. It’s a fking offer to talks, not the 1916 rising.

    I don’t think they should be allowed another election. They should be locked into the Dáíl (and not the bar either) until they can sort out a government. This Dáil is the one the people voted for. It’s up to them to make it work, not to storm off in a huff and insist we vote again.

    1. bisted

      …heard that Frances Fitzgerald interview and the repetition of ‘historic’…you’d think the blueshirts would have learned their lesson about reciting party mantras…

  3. rotide

    In fairness, what’s going on behind the scenes at the moment is politicking at it’s height. Any media babble is purely spin at the moment while everyone jockeys for position.

    FF are losing this particular media battle along with SF at the moment.

    1. Paddy

      Would disagree. The above interview on its own blows your theory out of the water. Both of the other parties you mention said categorically, all along, that they would not go into government with FG. They haven’t changed

  4. 15 cents

    every time someone interviews an FG representative it goes the same way. the FGer says eff all and avoids straight questions, the interviewer asks them to just answer something, the FGer ALWAYS interupts them with an aggressive “if you’d let me finish” (Kennys a big fan of this tactic) and then they proceed to waffle about nothing for as long as they can. next step is to keep repeating the irrelvant waffle until its all over. then, thanks very much, and out the door. its incredibley frustrating, the contemp they show for the public, and have done since they first took office. i dunno why people keep voting for them. theyre wafer on ideas, savvy, ethics, commitment, abilty, and so on .. in every department

    1. Old Bawn

      Precisely this. Coached to perfection in running down the clock, whilst adding precisely fupp all to the sum of human knowledge.

      1. Paddy

        Their methods may have worked 30 years ago. Nowadays, everyone’s watching them and see through them the minute they open their mouths.

  5. Anne

    “there’s few people who’ve greater respect for your listeners, and for the electorate, than somebody who’s trying to get elected on their behalf…”

    That’s right..

    Crowley – “So the offer, just to clarify, very quickly, as I know you’re in a rush to go…”

    Donohoe: “Ah no Richard, I’m delighted to be on with you, I’m happy to spend as much time with you as you’d like to have me on for.”

    Why did Richard get that impression? The minders were probably ready to thump the head off Crowley, motioning frantically to wind it up and Pascal sitting there saying he’s happy to spend as much time bla di bla…

  6. Truth in the News

    Is it not time that all the proposals and the documentation relating to them were
    published so that the electorate can establish the facts, as whats going at present
    is a politcal fillabuster to get ready for another election, and boy will they regret it.

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