13 thoughts on “Nothing But The Facts

  1. mauriac

    fool me once shame on you,fool me seven or eight times shame on me.I won’t be subjecting myself to anymore of this crap.

  2. Definitely Not Leather Jacket Guy Pretending To Be A Girl

    God he’s such a ride. I’d say he’s only deadly in de sack wha? Id love de session wit him and de lads and do loads pills and have de ride wit him

  3. GirlsThoughts

    13.5 inches would not be sexy. It’d be huge! How could you even walk around without looking strange? You’d have security questioning you every time you left a store. No no no. Unless he finds a women with a huuuugggeee tunnel you could never fit that train!

  4. Nilbert

    I think this fella is starting to grow on me.
    He’s at least more bearable than the usual shower of joyless gits that are foisted on us.
    Karl Spain, that other fella Delamere, Tiernan…

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