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  1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    I hate being serious for a moment, but that nonsense at the top the Cork Examiner…
    FG prepared to compromise on Irish Water to secure deal with FF etc

    Are we supposed to swallow that?
    -Be gracious to our Masters that THEY agreed on something, together.

    The People have said NO.
    What part of that is difficult?

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      I’m sorry, but this type of stuff riles me up.

      I didn’t vote for a compromise.
      Nobody did.

      I don’t want my vote to be stolen from me like this.
      I voted against water-charges. My side won.
      I’m still not paying.

      I don’t even open the envelopes.
      Never did and never will.
      There is no Irish Water. Never has been…never will be.

      1. some old queen

        Actually you did vote for compromise, that’s how proportional representation systems work. As for water, two facts are certain. The network is leaking all over the place and the upgrade has to be paid for somehow. Although nobody seems to know why so much money could be claimed from Europe for roads, but not water.

        There is a very strong argument IMO for water to be taken out of the hands of politicians altogether. It really is too important an issue to allow self serving horse traders use it for their own short term gain. And the argument over charges is a complete red herring too because the amount raised would never come close to paying for the upgrade anyways.

        1. panga panga

          what has happened to the billion + raised since 1997 through the 5% and 2% respectively added to Motor Tax and VAT specifically for water? why was it not ringfenced, why was it not spent on the infrastructure?? Where was it spent?

          1. Harry Molloy

            servicing debt chief. a lot banking debt, but most being borrowed just to run the country ,pay wages, social welfare etc

        2. My Meaty Member

          Haha when I read that first I thought he was answering himself again and I thought this is it finally he’s tipped over the edge /(

        3. panga panga

          what has happened to the billion + raised since 1997 through the 5% and 2% respectively added to the Motor Tax and VAT
          why was it not ringfenced
          what was it spent on because it wasn’t the infrastructure
          what WAS it spent on??

      2. Rainy Day

        “I voted against water-charges. My side won” ….eh no you didn’t…there was no referendum on water charges, it was a general election. You seem to have been duped my friend.

      3. SB

        Eh, no, I voted FOR water charges, and MY side won.

        How can you say your side won? Some people got elected, other people didn’t, as stated elsewhere it wasn’t a referendum on water charges, you can’t definitively say what everyone else voted for.

  2. Twunt

    German authorities did not report the ethnicity of the man that murdered the science teacher who was helping refugees as the deemed it unnecessary. The German state is back to censoring the news.

      1. Twunt

        ah hominem much?

        So you are ok with the state censorship as long as it agrees with your views?

        1. My Meaty Member

          Huh? What state censorship are you referring to?
          You are happy with victimisation of ethnic minorities so long as it’s coalescent with your racist views on immigration?

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