6 thoughts on “Anything Good On NBC?

      1. Mourinho

        Dammit, I learn this now!

        This should be brought up anytime he opens his mouth.

        (FG tactics)

  1. 15 cents

    i liked the one with obama lookin uninterested and kenny lookin sheepish and desperate and obamas goin “i suppose youd be wantin to make shapes if you’re to beat the traffic” .. these pics arent coincidence, id say Obama struggled in the company of that eejit, constantly blowin hot air, obamas smart, he’d see thru it easy.

  2. kellma

    Obama can think on his feet and is not afraid of a bit of ad lib,which he mostly does very, very well.
    “Inda”, on the other hand, is afraid of Vincent Browne and for very good reasons avoids adlibbing. Anytime he has been unable to avoid it, has been an unmitigated disaster e.g. the whingers who weren’t voting for him. Erudite, he ‘aint.

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