Sex, Religion And Generation Y


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Further to RTÉ2’s launch of the Generation What survey for 18 to 34-year-olds across 12 European countries earlier this week…

Gareth Naughton writes:

We have already had a phenomenal response with more than 13,000 people participating on and the numbers continue to grow.

The survey is already throwing up some very interesting results though it should be stressed that it is constantly evolving as more and more people respond to it.

Those who wish can complete the survey here

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42 thoughts on “Sex, Religion And Generation Y

  1. Mikeyfex

    More importantly I’ve just realised that the negative space to the east and west of France looks like a beaky-lipped witch having a frank conversation with a mustachioed Alfred Hitchcock.

  2. Tony

    The French showing their class again. Cue all the angry Irish atheists claiming to be happy… Must be all the random sex they are having.

    1. nellyb

      84% of people lied about being religious on 2011 census
      lied on this survey about being happy without religion
      Lie either way :-)

      1. nellyb

        some of that big percentage, not all, of course. Unless the survey targeted atheists – ?

      2. newsjustin

        They’re two different questions – the census one and the one above (and obviously the cso one us far more comprehensive). One can be religious but agree that one can be happy without religion.

        Some people take great delight in calling people liars, when all they’ve done is tick a box as they see fit.

      3. LW

        It’s 5 years since that census, things change over time. Also this survey is skewed towards younger people, whereas the census is of the population as a whole. The census is generally filled out by the head of the household, as opposed to the individual themselves. Finally, they are two different questions.

    2. Rowsdower

      I wonder how smug you would be if they had answered they believe in a Muslim god, rather than a Christian god.

        1. Dave

          Ben Affleck’s and Christian Bale’s Batmans are based on the same original fictional story. They are not the same Batman. Same as Muslim/Christian God.

  3. The Old Boy

    God be with the days when I would stick a box of necessities under the spare wheel when I was in Belfast. You could rarely afford to waste them on any random acquaintance. Happy days indeed.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      You wuz runnin’ contraband across the borders ! :)

      It’s soooo funny when ya think about it. But look, we haven’t moved on too far from that when you consider just this week there was a talk on the national radio station with that dude from Alive! telling us that young men were suffering from depression for wankin’ too much…. and all and any wankin’ is considered too much.

      Not a mention of female masterbation from him, probably believes it doesn’t happen.

  4. Gers

    Absolute BS on the “religion to be happy” question in France. The overwhelming majority of French people do not even associate themselves with any religion. Do your research, these are phony poll results.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      You rarely meet a French person professing to be religious outside of the Muslim community

      1. St. John Smythe

        probably as much to do with French macho culture (ascribed to by numbers of men and women) as religion

  5. some old queen

    Is a srt8 black Irish man treated better than a gay camp white one? Is a a member of even allowed to apply for a job within to PWC/EY? Una can bang on until the cows come home because that is what she is paid to do but I am pretty certain she won’t be standing outside any dole office asking people’s sexuality.

  6. St. John Smythe

    I’d say that the high numbers of people in Ireland answering yes to sex with a stranger, as opposed to France, is intimately tied to the relationship between sex and high alcohol consumption for Irish people.

      1. St. John Smythe

        no but the heritage of bad sexual socialisation increases the necessity to bring alcohol into the equation, increasing the likelihood that the sexual partner will be a ‘randomer’.

        I’ve had a few mornings in my twenties where I woke up beside someone whose name I couldn’t remember, or who I had only just met later in the night, and knew little or nothing about. I would classify both of those as ‘encounters with strangers’.

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