13 thoughts on “Boot Clamp

  1. ____

    So…what’s there to dispute exactly?

    I take it that these people know they’re still going to get fined, right?

    1. Evil Al

      There’s sometime ambiguity over whether the footpath actually belongs to the council. Same thing happened on Percy Place a few years ago.

        1. Evil Al

          In Percy Place I believe the argument was that it belonged to the apartment block next door. In this post I’m guessing it might be part of the building Lotts&Co lease.

  2. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    I don’t know the structure of a wheel clamp. Never looked at one to be honest.
    On evidence in the picture I suspect that someone living around there has access to a bolt-cutter.

    Fair play to them.
    Hope it works out well.
    All clampers are bar-stewards, regular commenters excepted.

  3. Brian S

    These are private clamping company clamps. They will not get fined, or taken to court for removing them. If I were in their position I’d be storing the clamps and sending them monthly invoices for removal and storage, take a leaf out of their book and make a random number up in my head, they like to charge €80-€120 for a release fee, I’d go with €800-€120,000 to store the clamps for them

  4. Dave08p

    100% Dublin city council clamps check the phone number on them.
    “602 25 00” which is 01 602 25 00 for Dublin city parking services, (ie. The Council)
    From what I’ve heard the problem with removing the clamps they put on, is that you still have an outstanding fine with the council. As you would have an outstanding fine, they will simply tow and impound the vehicle if they find it parked on a Public road managed by Dublin city parking services.
    They aren’t like NCPS who have a policy of taking no action, once you don’t abuse there staff or damage the clamp in front of there staff.

  5. Hellvetica

    The big question is – is the collective noun for wheel clamps a Toblerone or a Dairylea?

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