31 thoughts on “Going Digital

  1. Peadar

    In this instance, I’m in favour of police brutality. I’d genuinely like to see LJG trying to pick up his broken teeth with broken fingers after some “craic” with the guards.

      1. NiallOK

        In fairness, many cyclist cams (and car dashcams) I’ve seen can actually be useful – either to expose bad drivers or to back them up when they’ve been wronged. This guy is just being a gobshite and showing the entire world his total lack of respect for authority.

        1. Robbie

          I’m pretty sure that’s the idea of the comedy . He’s not doing it to their faces but behind their backs…

      2. Liam from Lixnaw

        i see CycleDub has disabled the comments on that vid – he was obviously abused until my fingers were sore

  2. Starina

    shouldn’t this be on some first-year university “bants” website?? utterly puerile. We’re definitely being pranked by BS – perhaps some sort of situationist performance?

    1. squidward

      The conclusion to the performance should be in a few hours, about the time a heavy drinker would be getting up, logging in as multiple users and then praising his own pointlessness with the usual im-having-that stock phrases.

    2. ahjayzis

      As long as the denouement involves our protagonist writhing in agony atop a pyre, I’ll applaud.

  3. Melanie

    Watching this brings out the kid in me like when you’d do a face behind a teachers back or your parents. Doing it behind a garda is just the adult version.

  4. ManicMonday

    That is one hell of a Fucket List item!!!! Not sure how he’ll be able to beat this one! XD

  5. Brian S

    Oh god I would pay so so so much money to see him give the finger to a Gards face…

    Actually I’d love him to do it to me, he wouldn’t be smirking any more

  6. Brian S

    So leather jacket guy is allowed post under multiple names here but my one gets deleted?!!

    Stinks to high heaven of post selling.

  7. Rowsdower

    I wonder if we can report this revolting little goblin to the police over this. Obviously they shouldn’t bother doing anything about him but maybe if they see his previous videos they will understand why a trip to the joy might be good for him.

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