18 thoughts on “Tokin’ ‘Bout A Revolution

    1. rotide

      aaaand it’s gone.

      Dunno if you guys are testing something but for a minute there , there was an ad for a video game embedded in the post. I thought it was a pre-roll for some video in the post but its disapeared now.

      I could be just high from reading this submission though

  1. Hey now

    “The odor of marijuana alone gives a police officer probable cause to search you, your person, your car or your home.”

  2. Junkface

    €562M per year!!

    Jayzus, that is a lot. Maybe Ireland should copy NY state, Colorado etc… We copy everything else American

    1. Sheikh Yabooti

      Yep, hemp/cannabis growing in the US was originally opposed by the powerful cotton growers; hemp being a far superior natural fibre. Same as the tobacco and firearms industry today, they were ruthless in lobbying for legislation to defend their profits.

      1. Sheikh Yabooti

        Irish linen had a great international reputation; Make Ireland Great Again! With hemp!
        “But Joe, hemp is a gateway cloth!”

  3. Starina

    cool flyer and i definitely support legalisation — but more importantly, am I the only one who reads “Norml” in in a “SPESHULLL” kind of voice?

    1. Caroline

      I’m using Garth Marenghi’s voice.

      “They tried all the positions: on top, doggy and Norml.”

  4. 15 cents

    it makes sense and if done correctly would be beneficial for all .. but we have a government who dont even let women make decisions about their own bodies, they’re going to be far too conservative to ever consider this. theyr’re comprised of country bumpkin school teachers who got where they are by goin to gaa matches and fixing local roads, they are so so SOOO not the type of government to ever consider this. best chance is waiting 30 years for the Soc Dems to get in.

    1. Kieran NYC

      You’d be surprised. Medical cannabis is legal, but they just haven’t sorted out the details around providing it yet. And O’Riardain has done lots of under-the-radar work around drugs policy, including potential legalisation/decriminalisation without getting the ire of the usual Joe Duffy types who scupper sensible work like this.

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